Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Upcoming Shows May 2019

I will be doing two big shows in May, 2019

The first will be the Creator Show at Tinker, Tailor, Artist, Maker show in Redwood City, CA

Pullman San Francisco Bay
223 Twin Dolphin Drive
Redwood City, California
Saturday May 4 – Sunday May 5
Open to General Public: 
Daily – 10:00am to 5:00pm*
Parking available onsite.
Entry to Create Show is FREE
Children under the care of their parents are welcome.
For more info click on the link above

Then I will be at Goat Hill Fair again!

  Sat. -May 18th - 10 to 4
  Sun.-May 19th - 10 to 3

  Santa Cruz Co. Fairgrounds
  2601 E. Lake Ave.
Watsonville, CA  95076

  Goat Hill is a unique antiques
  and artisan fair with over 100

For more info click on the link above.

Thursday, February 28, 2019


Blogs become more and more abandoned as Facebook, Instagram and other sites become easier to post notices.  However, I know there are people who do not use those sites and still frequent blogs and this is a good place for me to post my events since I do not have a website anymore.

That said I have updated my events page (It's already March) for 2019 through August.  I will be doing a couple of events in October but the dates are not set yet.

Here are some pictures of botanical and rust dye prints I have been creating.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Goat Hill Fair 2018

Top made from vintage feedsacks

I am busy taking vintage quilt tops, feed/flour/sugar sacks, and all varieties of crochets lace and trims to create tunic tops and scarves.  I am very excited about these, I think they are so cute and I hope others will think so too.  I am planning to sell these at Goat Hill Fair on Nov. 10th and 11th.  I have more in the making and will get some pictures up once they are finished, probably the end of the week.

Top made from old flannel shirts

vintage quilt top trimmed with vintage crochet lace, inset pockets

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Linen Pastoral Scenes Upcycled Jackets

These are a few of the linen jackets I have upcycled by adding pastoral scenes cut from vintage calendar towels that are hand stitched.  I also added vintage crochet lace trims.

I am leaving on Sunday to drive to Phoenix for Art Unraveled.  Excited to be teaching a two day upcyled garment class, having a fashion show and vending at Art Extravaganza on Saturday.  Not so excited about the long drive to get there.

My theme song for driving south and through the desert "Out with the kickers, and the truckers, and the cowboy angels ................"

Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring Ahead

Rust Dye Prints and Ink Jet Images on Fabric
(for Storyscapes opening night)

I am being pulled in three different directions.  Dyeing velvet and making scarf lengths I am pairing with vintage linen and lace for kits to teach a workshop in Southern California this coming weekend at Artistic Bliss Designs.  At the same time I am finishing pieces for Storyscapes, adding name labels, last minute stitching and I'm still creating some small pieces for the museum show I need to mail by Friday.

May 4 - June 30

Margaret Harwell Art Museum 
Poplar Bluff, Mo

Opening Reception Friday, May 4th

Storyscapes: Fiber Art Narratives

Storyscapes embody collage with fabric, fiber, paper, nature finds, and other unique elements that are hand dyed, painted and stitched.

Together these tell narrative stories that speak of the three artists visions.

Roxanne Evans Stout, Janet Brown, and Lorri Scott collaborate on the Storyscape panels, each adding their own imagery to form a final textile story.

Also featured in the exhibit will be individual works on various medium types from book arts to wall pieces to clothing but all with the theme of textile collage to tie them together.

I have to think ahead about Goat Hill because on the 25th I go to Florida for 5 days, come home for one day then fly to Missouri for the museum show opening, visit my folks and then go to visit my friend Sharon.  I get home on the 13th and the show is the next weekend so I need to be prepared.  

May 19 - 20

Santa Cruz Fairgrounds, Watsonville, CA 

Goat Hill is a unique antiques and artisan fair with over 100 vendors!  

WHEW!  Off to the studio now!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Art Unraveled Teaching Announcement and Ruminations on Blogging

The website for Art Unraveled is open and registration will begin on Jan. 31st.  I am teaching a two day class this year and am very excited about it.  It's titled Shop, Design, Sew Upcycled Garments. It's a brand new endeavor where the class is limited to 12 students.  I will help each student design their own creations from the purchase of unloved garments to the finish embellishing.  Here's all the info about it.   I am hoping to get a full class of others who want to repurpose and upcyle garments.

When I was calling about shuttle services to take us shopping I was asked whether this was for a bachelorette party, a family affair, a funeral, etc.  When I said "no it's to take a group of women thrift shopping and to the fabric store" there was marked silence on the other end.  LOL!  Then the woman asked me more about what I was doing and when I told her she loved the idea.

Now about this blog ........ since Facebook happened I find it easier and easier to just post something there, a quick update, a photo, or maybe just a "like" and I spend less time trying to write a post here. I do read blogs but not nearly as much as before and I find many bloggers are in the same place I am and write less and less and many of them have discontinued their blogs altogether.

I am not on Instagram and have not figured out how that would be an asset to me but many friends are encouraging me to get an Instagram account.  I am slow to keep up on the latest technology and apps offered but perhaps I'll get there someday.

I truly need to update everything here, my events page is old, my gallery is not that well organized, I need a secretary or someway that keeps me on the ball to update.  sigh.

I have been purging my closet of garments I don't wear or that don't fit and selling them on Poshmark, I've listed items on eBay and and have sold a few old weaving items on FB.  So instead of updating my pages here today I am off to town to the Post Office to mail packages.

Maybe tomorrow?....................


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Vintage Lace from a Texas Friend

Several months ago I was messaging with an old friend I hung out with when I lived in Austin, Tx.  She said she had a box of old lace that she got from her grandmother and she finally decided she was never going to do anything with it and she was going to send it on to me.  A few weeks later a mutual friend of ours wrote to tell me that Debbie had passed away.  WHAT??!!  Yes she had health complication that caused her to fall in the shower and hit her head.  No one was there with her to take her to the hospital or call for help so she didn't make it though the night. Our mutual friend, Michele found the box of lace and a couple weeks ago it came in the mail to me.  It was like a wonderful present!

There are some beautiful pieces, unfortunately some of them are old and fragile to the point of shredding when I pick them up.  Mostly these black pieces that looked like were a part of a dress at one time.  Would have loved to seen it in it's heyday!

Lots of the other lace pieces look in good, usable shape so I'll be putting these on my upcycled clothing pieces sometime in the future.

My biggest regret is Debbie is gone and my intention for these pieces was to make her something from them, a stole perhaps like the one shown below, but now she'll never know.