Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shoot Like a Girl Collage Vest

As many of you know I have been taking vintage bird hunting vests and upcycling them into fun and feminine ones.  I called them Shoot Like a Girl Sharpshooter Vests or often the shorter version of just Shooter Vests.

After being contacted by Roxanne Evans Stout, a couple of years ago now,  to create a fabric collage for her book Storytelling with Collage I was challenged to do this using botanical and rust dye prints and of course I wanted to collage a garment with them. For that project it was a natural linen swing jacket.  I loved creating it so much I have continued on, slowly, but still taking this further with garments.

I have  been playing with using some of the botanical and rust dye prints to collage the shooter vests.  Here is one that has sold.

This is a collage I've been working on for a while now.  I get distracted with other projects or commissions that come my way but I am happy with how this is evolving.  I plan to stitch it onto the back of a shooter vest.

I gave Kate Thompson some credit for inspiring me to add the red embroidered antlers because of her wonderful work.  Kate is coming to San Jose in June to give a two day class which I will participate in and can hardly wait.  I think there might be an opening or two so sign up if you can take the class!

Have a wonderful day and hope you are creating something wonderful in your life.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Making Some Observations and Reflecting

I participated in a show last weekend "Remnants of the Past" and while I hesitate to broadcast this I did poorly.  I didn't come near getting my booth fee back and in all the years I've done shows this has not happened.  So what happened?  I have some theories.  First off this is the most expensive show I've ever done so the fee was high to recover.

The show is advertised as a vintage show and to me that means something is vintage or vintage parts are used to create something new, etc.  I was told by marketers that something considered an antique had to be 100 years or older and I've been told something vintage was either 25 or 50 years or older.  So it has always been a bit confusing but now something vintage seems to be anything that looks old or a style of being old. Things that look "vintage" but have nothing vintage about them.

There was a lot of clothing at this show!  While a few booths that had retail clothing, cheap clothes made in China, for resale did very well it's hard to compete with that.  The clothes were cute!  But there was nothing vintage about them except perhaps the style of being lacy or romantic.

This was only my second year to do the show but the attendance was way down from last year.  Many vendors I've talked with who have done the show for years agreed.

Perhaps there is too much competition.  Lot's of these vintage style shows are popping up.  Same stuff, same vendors, and more and more reproduction resales.

I thought I'd be okay at selling because I teach and vend at art retreats.  But now the art retreats are letting retail resellers in.  I understand retailing supplies to attendees to use to make stuff with but out right retail clothing and jewelry that competes with the artist made stuff?  Yes there are those who appreciate the artist made creations and we are grateful to those but I am baffled why promoters want to bring the mall into the picture.  It that the sort of vendor show they want?  Not to showcase the artist but just to sell booth spaces?

I am the only one who has an issue with this?  I would like to hear from others and there ideas and opinions concerning my theories.

I know I won't stop creating, it's in my soul, in my mind I keep thinking about how to move ahead and what the plan should be.

So after all the bitching and moaning here's a happy picture.  Iris blooming in my garden and the beds awaiting soil amendment and vegetable planting.   Time to get my hands dirty!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Rainy Day Retrospect

Here in California we prayed for rain and boy are we getting it!  And wind, yes the trees are bending like toothpicks.  Not weather to be out and about in so I spent most of the day in my studio puttering around.  A little stitching, some botanical dye printing, daydreaming, and watching HGTV.

Some of these dye prints were done with my sister Jan when she visited last week and some today.

I've been putting packets together of rust and botanical dyed fabrics and ribbon that I have listed for sale in my Etsy shop.  I have more to list as the days go by.

Hope you are safe and dry in your part of the world.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pajaro Valley Quilt Association Annual Show

I'm a vendor this year at the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association annual show.  I'm sharing a double booth with Chris Flynn who creates marvelous books and cards made from vintage laces, photos, and other goodies along with her Spirit Dolls. It's happening next weekend!

The last few days have found me making a huge mess in the studio to dye fabrics, scarves and ribbon to sell.

The aftermath of botanical and rust dye printing 
that become this

And then I bundle and wrap on cards, bits and pieces and ribbon

This is what I'll be selling along with some of my upcycled garments including the vintage "shoot like a girl" sharpshooter vests.

I'm hoping to see some familiar faces that I haven't seen in a long time as well as meeting new friends!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Storytelling with Collage"

So honored to be included in the book that Roxanne Evans Stout has had published.  She received her advance copy in the mail and I was able to see it for a short while when we were together in Redding, Ca. for our workshop "Gathering Grace on Altered Wings" at Altered Wing Studio.  The book is listed at Amazon for pre-order here.  It is fabulous and I can not wait for my copy to arrive in the mail!

When you think of collage the first thing that comes to mind might be cutting pictures out of magazines and glueing them onto a poster board or piece of construction paper?  Well collage is so much more.  There are many talented artists included in the book with a variety of categories. My piece in the magazine is of course fabric collage.  I was able to find a fabulous linen swing coat at a thrift store and I have used that as my background to collage my hand dyed and printed fabrics, with a bit of lace added, using hand stitching.

On Jan. 9 & 10 I got to teach a class with Roxanne  at Altered Wind Studio in Redding, CA.  I got to meet a wonderful and diverse group of woman as we used botanicals and rust to dye print paper and fabrics to be used in collage work.  Here are some photo's from that weekend.

Kimberly's Rust Print

Roxanne and me with our gracious hosts Kimberly and Ginger
(We are wearing necklaces created by Ginger)

Day One

Day Two

Thank you to all those who were in the class and took photos, many of which I have used here on the post!