Friday, July 23, 2010

Wisconsin Journey

The trip to Wisconsin was successful. It was the family reunion on my husband's mothers' side. The bugs were incredibly awful! Swarms of mosquitoes and biting flies I did not relish but the rest of the time there was great. I walked the gentle sloping fields to the creek, I looked intently at the clouds, clouds we don't see often where I live in California, thunderheads and approaching storm clouds filled with rain. I noticed wildflowers, trees, and rushing stream waters. I slathered on repellent hourly to fight against the relentless bugs. (did I already mention that?).

We took my 93 year old mother-in-law who has trouble walking because of sciatica and weak hip and knee joints that are painful for her. We lined up wheelchairs in the airports. We took a direct flight from San Jose to Minneapolis and then a long trip through the terminal to baggage claim (I kid you not, miles between gate and baggage). We were glad we had hired a nurse friend to go with us. After we left the airport it was still a 3 plus hour drive to the farm which put us there close to midnight. The next morning we drove an hour away to Rice Lake to rent an RV for Rose to be comfortable in for the next several days. She doesn't remember a lot, short term memory is fairly gone. After we got her settled in the RV she wanted to know where her keys were so she could lock up and we explained she didn't need them to lock up, that she was in an RV at the Farm. She thought she was back home and then asked how she got to the farm. She couldn't remember the previous whole day of traveling, even though she stayed awake all those hours. She has moments of being lucid and remembering and then it goes away and she gets disoriented. But she has such a positive attitude, always upbeat and things are just fine. I hope if and when I get to that stage of life I will be as pleasant as she is but I think I might be the grumpy old lady type.

The nurse left us on Sunday and we were the ones to take care of Rose and on the long travels home on Monday. It made me appreciate care givers so much. I realized I am not the nurse type. It isn't that I don't care or have the compassion, it's the actual physical part of what it entails to care for someone on this level, having the stomach for it I guess. Lelani, we appreciate you sssooooo much for all you do!

Now I'm home, that journey is over and I'm preparing for my next one to Phoenix. The kits are made for my class and I'm finishing up some pieces I've been working on to sell on vendor day. AND Joanne, one of those pieces is your duster jacket. This is a garment my friend Joanne sent me to upcycle for her and bring to Art Unraveled. She wanted to be surprised and I'm having such a hard time not to send her pictures and ask if she likes it so far. I just have to have faith she will!

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Joanne Huffman said...

I know I'll love it! I'll be the coolest dressed person at AU when I wear my new/old duster. I enjoyed your photos of the Wisconsin countryside. I have made many a plane change in Minneapolis and it is NOT an easy airport to navigate from gate to gate and luggage. Glad you had a good time, sorry about the bugs.