Saturday, November 1, 2014

Autumn in Missouri

October is a wonderful time of year to visit Missouri.  The weather is still warm and sunshiny and the leaves turn incredible colors.

As the days go by I see more changes.  

A big oak tree on Main Street in Poplar Bluff branches upward and outward dwarfing the two story house it shelters.

Leaves turn even more intense color, 

some begin to brown

the wind comes up and scatters leaves whirling and twirling everywhere

bare trees begin to silhouette the sky

the weather becomes chilly and shadows seem longer

October ends and November looms ahead with more travel.
I've been in Missouri for 10 days and will be leaving tomorrow to fly to Texas.  Art Retreat at the Prairie here I come with some wrist wrap cuffs my sister Jan and I have been working on all week.


Pat Vivod said...

It was certainly a treat for Elizabeth and I to see you and have lunch again with you and Sharon while you were in St. Louis for the Weavers Guild sale.

Joanne Huffman said...

It's been a really beautiful Fall this year. And, I think your cuffs are beautiful.