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Tucson Bead Show
Feb. 4 - 9
The Windmill Inn at St. Philip's Plaza 
4250 N Campbell Ave, Tucson AZ 

Teaching two classes at various dates/times.

Little Traveling Needle/Tool Book

Skill Levels: AllDate & Time:   
Tues. Feb. 4th,  9:00 – noon,     
Thurs. Feb. 6th, 1:00 – 5:00     
Sun. Feb. 9th,    1:00 -5:00Fees: $85 » includes all materialsEveryone needs a place to store their needles, scissors, thread, and other tools they use for projects when they’re on the go! Yes you can buy a plastic storage unit with all sorts of components but wouldn’t you rather have a sweet little handmade booklet to use? In this class you will learn how to nuno felt and make the booklet cover using this technique. For the inside you will cut commercial felt squares to fit your booklet cover and embellish them with bits of lace, dyed fabrics, buttons, embroidery, and beads. You can also add pockets to store your buttons, needle packs, scissors, and more! Add as many pockets as you want! Felt pages hold needles and pins. On the outside a fabric strip is added to tie and keep the booklet closed for traveling. Supplies List: I will provide all the materials to make the book but you are welcome to bring any special fabric or embellishments you might want to incorporate into the book.

Botanical Dye Printing & Nuno Felt Collage

Skill Levels: AllDate & Time:Wednesday, Feb. 5th    9:00 – Noon Friday, Feb. 7th              9:00 - NoonFees: $85 » includes all materialsPieces of fabric are laid on a table then littered with fallen leaves, bygone rose petals, neglected rusty relics of iron and copper, perhaps sprinkled with tea or marigolds. Bundles of nature are wrapped, bound, and steamed then left to transcend and leave their imprint. 
This is part one of a lovely art book you can create in a day or this class can stand on it’s own so you leave with samples of dye printed fabrics and nuno felt for other projects you may use them in. 
We will begin by dyeing the various fabrics and while they are steaming we will create a nuno felt collaged fabric piece. 
If you choose to create a booklet Pamela Huntington will be teaching how to construct the book and other techniques to embellish such as beading and stitching in the afternoon. This booklet can be your sample booklet containing all the techniques you learned in these classes.

A Tiny Bohemian Book

After taking my Botanical Dye Print and Nuno Felt Collage class you can take the fabrics and create a book with Pamela Huntington;

Skill Levels: AllDates and Times: Wed: Feb 5 :  2- 5 pm Friday Feb 7:  2- 5 pm
Fees: $85 » includes kit
Create your own romantic little bohemian fabric book, using hand dyed and nuno felted pieces from Lorri Scott’s class. Or if you are not taking Lorri’s class I will have materials available for you to use for your covers. If you have taken Lorri’s class your kit for this book class will include fabric for the pages, images, ribbons, and lots of goodies to create a one of a kind hand sewn book. The size will be about 5 x 6.. but may vary depending on the materials you use for your cover.

Contact information:
Please bring needles in different sizes, thread and sharp fabric Scissors. Lace, doilies, and anything else you might wish to incorporate into your book, in your favorite colors and textures.

See Pamela's other class Romantic French Cuff

Check the Tucson Bead Show site to register or email me at

March 15 and 16
Shelbyville, Ky.

March 15 Organic Botanical Printed Fabric Book

click HERE for link 

March 16 Wayward Threads Affirmation Scarf

click HERE for link

April 6th
San Jose, CA

Reconstructed, Upcycled, and Wearable!

I’ve developed a simple and easy way to reconstruct button down shirts that anyone interested in clothing design can accomplish.

Each designer will take 3-5 shirts and reconstruct them into a fun and arty new one.  Basic sewing skills are helpful but not necessary (if not experienced be prepared to learn basic sewing machine operation or you can hand stitch). I will show various samples and designs of how to recreate your garment. Pattern ideas and information will be given to each student about how to cut your shirt so it becomes a style that fits and flatters each individual.   This is an exercise to give you freedom to cut existing garments and confidence that you can reconstruct unloved clothing.

Once the basic shirt is completed it will be a wearable garment but it can be further embellished by adding pockets, lace, doilies, buttons, embroidery, whatever you envision.  I will give each student individual time and help with designing and give ideas for embellishments.

July 28th - Aug. 5th
Phoenix, AZ

Rusty Mark Making on Ribbon
Thursday, Aug. 31, 2014  6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Lengths of white ribbon and fabric strips beckon to be marked with rusted objects.  Keys, safety pins, small washers, and other rusted relics will be bundled with the ribbon and steamed to leave their symbolic mark.  Perhaps you have a small rusted relic of sentiment you want to bring.  Some bundles will get leaves, flower petals, and onion skins added for color and other interesting details.  Ribbon and fabric strips can be used in many ways in mixed media art from jewelry to book ties, flower pins to clothing adornment.  When you leave class you will have a nice pile of unique ribbon to use in your special projects.

The natural dye products we are using are easily accessible, dye fairly quickly and patterns are created with ease.  The color is transferred like magic!

Workshop Runway
Friday, Aug. 1st, 2014 9:00 - 4:30

The first season of Workshop Runway was so successful I am offering a second class.

Each designer will take 3-5 shirts and reconstruct them into a fun and arty new one.  Basic sewing skills are helpful but not necessary (if not experienced be prepared to learn basic sewing machine operation or you can hand stitch). There will be two garment designs to choose from.  I will show you how to cut the shirts so you will have components to reconstruct two different shirts then you can choose which one to create in class, possibly create two.  This is an exercise to give you confidence to cut existing garments and just go for it and “make it work”!  Each designer will get individual time with me just as Tim Gunn gives on that TV program!

Once the basic shirt is completed it will be a wearable garment but can be further embellished by adding pockets, lace, doilies, buttons, embroidery, whatever you envision.  I will give each student individual time to help with designing and give ideas for embellishments.

Sharon Kilfoyle Presents: Design
Using ‘Nuno’ Felt & Shibori Dyeing
Have a design idea that you've been waiting to manifest?
Design will be the focus!!!!
Saturday - May 31 - Sunday - June 1, 2014
Aptos & Los Gatos California
During this two day workshop students will create enough “Nuno” felt fabric to design a personal garment to sew into a finished garment.  White sheer silks and ultra-fine merino wool will be used and then over-dyed using acid dyes. Sheer scraps or fibers and yarns can be added to add textural interest. This is not a seamless garment workshop. Intermediate to advanced felting skills are preferred.
Instructor: Sharon Kilfoyle designs garments and accessories using Shibori dyeing and “Nuno” felting techniques. She teaches fiber arts worldwide, and her home studio in mid-Missouri USA. Every summer she teaches at the Paris American Academy in the Fashion Program in France. Sharon has also taught in Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Canada, and throughout the USA.
We will meet to felt at the Aptos Grange Hall.
Sharon will provide helpful ‘Nuno’ felting hints and garment design concepts. If time allows, students can cut their pattern pieces and start some Shibori treatments for the next day’s dyeing.
We will meet at Lorri Scott’s studio in Los Gatos (Santa Cruz Mnts.) for Shibori dyeing.
Bound resist techniques including: stitching, wrapping, folding and clamping will be used to create patterns on the ‘Nuno’ felt fabric.  Direct application dyeing and immersion dyeing, as well as some microwave dyeing will be taught. Discharge techniques will also be available on either the whole finished fabric or samples created in class.
** Please use natural fibers or they won't dye in the shibori process.  Samples of several types of projects that maybe considered for design,will be provided by the instructor.
Workshop Fee: $160 (Does Not Include Materials Fee) 
Materials Fee of $60            
Sharon Kilfoyle Presents: Design
Using ‘Nuno’ Felt & Shibori Dyeing
Material Fee Includes the Following:
4 Yards Various Silk Fabrics  - Gauze, Habotai & More
5 oz. 15.5 micron count white Merino wool 
Dye Supplies
Instructor Provides: 
Dyes, Dyeing Equipment: Rubber bands, resist clamps, polls, tubing
Some Felting Supplies: Hand carders, miscellaneous fulling equipment
Sprayer bottle tops
Each Student Provides:
For Felting:

Bubble Wrap, Enough To Cover Table
Pack of thin 1 ml plastic for making Nuno project
Bucket & soap container
Soap of your choice prepared and ready to use (i.e. Kiss My Face or other)
Several Old Towels
6-8 nylon stocking or t-shirt ties
Small cello sponge
Water sprayer
2 grocery size plastic bags
Pool Noodle, Dowel, OR PVC Pipe for Center of Felt Roll; OR rolled beach towel
Gloves if you need them
Sheer Fabric Scraps (Natural Fiber From Your Stash for Variety & Texture i.e.;
     Yarns, Loose Fibers, Metallic fibers, & Other Embellishment Fibers
Notebook & pencil
For Shibori Dyeing:
Several Spools of Upholestry Thread, Carpet Warp, Hemp or Other Unbreakable Thread
2 to 4 C-Clamps OR Spring Loaded Clamps for Fold & Clamp Patterns (4-Inch Size OR Larger)
A Good Pair of Rubber Gloves
A Pattern You Love to Create Your Garment (Optional)

Scissors & Large Needles For Stitching, i.e. doll or long tapestry needle

Sharon Kilfoyle Presents: Design Using
'Nuno' Felt & Shibori Dyeing
Saturday - May 31, - Sunday - June 1, 2014
Santa Cruz, California
Last day to Register -  May 15th, 2014
Class limited to 15 participants!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Registration Form - Please print clearly!!
My tuition check of $220 is enclosed, which includes the materials fee.
Equipment, supply list & driving directions will be sent via email, unless otherwise noted on your registration.    Check one:    _____   Send via email.        _____ Send snail mail.
Questions - email Marilou Moschetti -"  Please make check payable to
Marilou Moschetti. Complete this form and mail check to:
            Marilou Moschetti     
            138 Brooktree Ranch Road      
            Aptos, CA 95003
If you wish to use your credit card to register, please call me at 831. 688. 2696. A service charge of $10 will apply to charge orders.

Art Retreat at the Prairie
Round Top, Texas
November 4, 5, and 6, 2014

This retreat is held at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell.  

This will be my first time to teach at this wonderful retreat!  I will teach 3 classes, two of botanical and rust dye printing and one a reconstructed clothing class.  You can get all the information here and you can also register!!


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