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Because of Covid 19 all events are canceled  until the Fall and it's still a wait and see situation as to whether gatherings will happen or not.  Be safe everyone.

Art and Soul
Portland, OR

August 17 - 18
9:00 - 4:30

A Dyer's Sample Record Book

Once I started botanical dye printing I realized the possibilities are endless and I wanted to have some sort of documentation of the results. I decided to create a sample book that seems to keep evolving just as the experimentation of dyeing does. In class I will share with you the process of creating your own dye sample book. Not only is it educational but it is also a work of art.

August 19
9:00 - 4:30

Homage to Rust and Leaves

In this class we will pay homage to leaves and rust by botanical and dye printing fabrics to create individual fabric vignettes that can be tied together to form a modern day prayer flag. We will use vintage fabrics along with torn fabrics of silk, cotton, and linen.

August 20
9:00 - 4:30

In this class we will create a romantic ribbonwork rosette applique and other trims using ribbon and fabrics we will dye paint in colors you choose.

April 8th
Aptos Village Park Clubhouse


My journey into the fashion world began at an early age from Barbie doll clothes, to sewing my own clothes in high school and college.  I attended fashion college for a couple of years and went on to teach myself how to weave and created cloth and designed garments for handwoven clothing for over 25 years.  I dye painted my threads, fabrics for lining and trim and also dyed scarves in a variety of techniques. After selling my loom almost ten years ago I became interested in restructuring used garments into news ones, upcycling, and that is my current passion, along with dyeing, dye printing and stitching.

I will be bringing many of my handwoven designs I created over the years to show and tell as well as my current upcycled garments I call “wayward threads”.  I want to share my ideas and techniques for designing and redesigning garments!

I have also just finished writing a book on my upcycled designs which should be in print in a few weeks.  I will bring copies of the book to the meeting.  

Book title is 
“wayward threads”:  techniques and ideas for upcycling unloved or discarded garments.”

Stitched Shibori with Indigo

Workshop in my studio with Sharon Kilfoyle

Saturday, April 25th, 2020
And Sunday, April 26th

Cost for 2 days $165.00
Cost for 1 day $100.00
materials included.

Class limited to 6 participants

From Sharon:

Though I’ve done a lot of stitched shibori with indigo dyeing, I've never taught a shibori workshop totally dedicated to stitched patterns, but watching shibori artists in Japan during my three weeks there this past November inspired me to offer one. I will focus on basic stitches and encourage participants to experiment with designs. Most important will be learning consistent techniques of gathering and tying them well so the patterns dye effectively in the indigo vat that we will set. I’d like each participant to learn the basic running stitch (nui) and its variants of ori-nui and maki-nui which we will use for our designs, and incorporate for more complex designs. I’ll provide fabrics, thread, and needles, but you are welcome to bring other things to stitch on, remembering that only natural fabrics (cellulose or protein) will dye in the indigo vat. I will have a variety of needles to choose from, but if you have special ones that work for you, please bring them. We will set an indigo vat together so you will see the process, but I will have one already set for use when you get here.
I’ll lead participants in creating small, quick samples of the basic stitches to see which they prefer to work with. Then we’ll spend more time designing a stitch pattern for  a scarf or other item to dye in the indigo vat. Samples of stitched shibori work will also be available for you to peruse.
Stitched shibori is not the quickest technique in the book, but the time spent in accomplishing a design is well worth the effort.

May Day Annual Fair

May 2 & 3 
421 Gharkey Street, Santa Cruz

A group of artists will sell various works of art.  This show will mark the 20th year of being in existence.  

Goat Hill Fair

May 16 & 17
Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
Watsonville, CA

August 1
Vendor show 
Embassy Suites
4415 E. Paradise Village Parkway S.
Phoenix, AZ.


Joanne Huffman said...

You are such a good teacher!

Deb said...

You are a great teacher. I enjoyed the class at art unraveled. thanks again

Lisa said...

Love the Affirmation scarves. Wish we lived closer because I would take personal classes! See you at an art retreat soon. Tucson!

peggy gatto said...

Have a beautiful time. I think your creativity is amazing. Always enjoy seeing you and what you designed!!