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Columbia Weavers and Spinners' Guild

April 18 — Vintage Textiles with a Modern Edge

Lorri Scott of l.a.s fibers/wayward threads talks about her work using vintage and eco-dyed fabrics and remnants.

Reconstructed Shirt Workshop
"Gypsy Boho Swing Shirt"

This is the shirt design that was published in A Guilded Journey.

Workshop to be held Saturday, April 22nd, 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sharon Kilfoyle Studio, Ashland, Mo.

Gypsy Boho Swing Shirt

In this class you will take two button down shirts and marry into one fun and comfy to wear shirt.  Often these types of shirt are made so they are straight, no flair to them, so for pear shaped women (like me) the shirt that fits my bust is tight around the hips.  This design, where two shirts become one, creates an A-line swing to the garment.  I will show you this fun and easy way to join the shirts and then embellish with trims of your choice.  I will show you some design ideas that use the pats of shirts we cut away.

Purchasing Shirts:

Purchase two shirts that will go together when joined.  The shirts can be bigger than the size you wear as we will join them to fit.  However, I would not purchase a shirt that is smaller than you would wear. The two shirts I use have a tail to them, not straight across hems or slits up the sides. Men’s shirts button opposite women’s so if that bothers you find a woman’s shirt to be the one that buttons.

I suggest brining more than two shirts that would go together, bring 3 – 5.  Think buying at thrift stores, flea markets, or perhaps finding shirts in your closet (or husband old shirts).

When purchasing used clothing I first soak in tub with water and Borax to remove any possible odors.  I sometimes use Oxiclean soak too.  Then I run through washing cycle and hang to air dry outside in fresh air for a day or two.

Supplies to bring to class:

~ Shirts

~ Any trims you want to add – lace, collars, buttons, bias cut fabric strips, flounce (ruffle) or fabric to create a flounce if desired.  I will also have items to purchase that you can add.  Shirt tails from extra shirts can be used too!

~ Scissors

~ Sewing machine in working order with thread(s)

~ Pins and Pincushion

~ Ruler/yard stick/straight edge

~ Dritz disappearing ink marker


Joanne Huffman said...

You are such a good teacher!

Deb said...

You are a great teacher. I enjoyed the class at art unraveled. thanks again

Lisa said...

Love the Affirmation scarves. Wish we lived closer because I would take personal classes! See you at an art retreat soon. Tucson!

peggy gatto said...

Have a beautiful time. I think your creativity is amazing. Always enjoy seeing you and what you designed!!