Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New York to Phoenix

Early tomorrow morning Michael and I will be heading to SFO for a direct flight to New York.  We'll be there for only 5 days but have plans to see Ground Zero, attend a Broadway play (Memphis), hang out and have dinner in the Village (Vincent's Clam Bar) and do whatever else time and energy will allow us to do.  This is a first for me!

I will be closing my Etsy shops while I'm gone but when I return I will reopen and have the 20% sale affective until I leave on July 31 to head for Phoenix and Art Unraveled.

I am teaching two classes and still have openings in both.  Here are more samples of what you can create in my classes. You cannot believe how fun and magical this process is!  I can't wait to show this technique.  The little sample cards with ribbons and eco prints will be for sale on Vendor day at AU. 

I hope lots of you who are attending or live in the Phoenix area stop by and say hello!


Something Special said...

You do beautiful work and I love your studio. I am your newest follower. Come say hi and see my studio.

Joanne Huffman said...

Have a great time in New York. The sample cards look great.

Maureen Hayes said...

I live in Long Island and wish I could have met you on your recent visit. I hope you will come back East at some point! Your workspace is lovely and your art is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing what you create as well as where you create it! Thank you so much for being a part of this blog hop. I hope you are enjoying your travels and will arrive back home safe and refreshed!