Sunday, January 31, 2010

Progress on Altered, Upscaled, Barkcloth Jacket

I sewed most of the jacket yesterday except for hemming the bottom or the sleeves because I'm still not sure what I want to do. After I had constructed the jacket I realized I had dyed a vintage slip that looks nice with it so I hung the jacket over the slip dress and liked it. I pinned the trim around the collar piece and then wondered if I want to add anymore to the jacket or just leave it as is. Maybe put this same trim around the sleeves and hem bottoms?

I took some of the fabrics I had chosen to go with and pinned them on as a skirt, experimenting with what it would look like. I have this set up in the corner of my studio so for the next day or two, or whenever it hits me, that "aha" moment of knowing, I'll ponder my choices and play with the design.

Look at this wonderful handmade button that I got from my friend Carol Hagen at the St. Louis Handweavers' Guild show. It is hand stitched ribbon embroidery and I think it looks nice with the barkcloth fabric. I plan to sew it on and have a loop of fabric or ribbon to connect with it. Although I wanted to keep this button and put it on something I could wear and as I stated in previous post this jacket is not going to fit me well. So I may decide not to use this button after all. We'll see. I wouldn't make a good candidate for "Project Runway" now would I what with all those deadlines!


Joanne Huffman said...

Great looking jacket and I love the trims and the button. I'm looking forward to when you branch out into sewing for larger sizes.

jan said...

The jacket is coming along nicely. I see you've used that cool screen for your background.