Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leaving for Ten Days

Just before I hit the road I'll leave some pictures of my garden. Of course I'll miss my family but what I'll fret about most is leaving my garden. You may not know this about me, that I garden. I don't have the green thumb, landscaping skills that my Mom and sister have but I do grow vegetables. Luckily my son Tony helped me put in a drip system in the raised beds with a timer so I'm not too worried about it getting watered, but will someone pick the bounty and weed while I'm gone? Maybe if I call to remind them. Then there are the potted plants and the lavendar out front. Hopefully when I come home I'll still have time to enjoy the beans and tomatoes, the squash and cucumbers and peppers.

1 comment:

catworx said...

Your garden looks delicious, Lorri, I could just jump in there & munch, while enjoying the flowers!!!