Sunday, August 26, 2007

Round Robin Altered Book - The Muses of Greece

I had seen these books created by other artists and was curious about them. I wanted to be involved. A round robin begins when someone decides to moderate the group and poses a theme. This group was the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology. I am Terpsichore ~ the Muse of Dance. I started my book and passed it on to the next person who would don the pages with artwork related to their Muse and on around until the book comes back to it's owner with all the Muses pages done. Here is the last page I entered before returning the book to it's owner. This concludes my participation in the round robin.

I enjoyed doing this and getting to know the other artists involved but I have to say that it requires patience to participate in one of these. I have attempted to be part of a few other round robins and inevitably someone doesn't meet the mailing deadline. Yes, life happens and there are sometimes more important things for a person to do than create their spread in someone else's books, but this holds the process up. It takes longer to get a book and then the deadlines get screwed up and to be honest I'm not sure I have the patience to dive in to be part of another one anytime soon. It's an interesting experience, as I said, I'm not unhappy I was part of these but realized somethings about my self and patience.

For these pages I used a fabric called Lutradur that I was introduced to in a class I took with Lesley Riley. I painted it and then sculpted it using a soldering iron. I printed images on fabric with an ink jet printer and ironed them on with Steam-a-seam and top stitched. I created the "Dance,dance,dance" collage in PhotoShop.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Shibori Dyed Silk Ribbons

I spent some time yesterday in my studio dyeing ribbons and beginning to package them for up coming shows. Especially Art & Soul Portland! I'm working on making some necklace pieces using them but mostly it's designs in my head at this moment and a box full of parts, beads, and closures. Here are some of the ribbons.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Where I've Been

Since my last post I've been to Missouri to visit my folks and help them move. I also attended my high school reunion while I was there and had a great time catching up with old friends and acquaintances. And yes I danced and sang Karaoke.

I've also been in my studio a lot working on inventory for the fall shows that will be here before I know it. Ordering supplies and props for teaching and trying to photograph things with a camera that is old and doesn't seem to be working properly. I'm afraid the auto-focus is shot. I listed a few silk scarves I dyed on my Etsy shop but the photos are a little out of focus because of my camera problems so I didn't list more than that. Maybe next week after I go shopping this weekend I'll have some new work listed for sale at Etsy. (see the link on the side bar).

I find that I got distracted this summer. I was intrigued and enthused with being involved in altered book round robins and I'm very glad for doing it and what I learned from the experience but it took me away from a focus. I find I need to be committed to showing my work at art fairs and galleries, to sell it, but that means being focused and in my studio doing that and not scattering myself around to lots of different art forms.

I'll be teaching at Art & Soul in Portland, Or. in Oct. but I'm also taking classes myself, which again will take me out of my focus area but I feel I can allow myself this time to do that as long as I come back and stay on track . Speaking of which I need to get to work now!