Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I've heard all the woes from people trying to travel across the country and getting stranded in airports or having their plans canceled because of snow and ice. I hope everyone ends up where they wish and that you have a warm and peaceful season.

I will be at home with my husband and my two sons. We have no big plans other than enjoying each others company. We'll probably play games, watch movies, and view uTube flicks, and trade presents.

Christmas is also my birthday so Michael always makes be eggs benedict and that is something to look forward to, he makes the best hollandaise! I had a fabulous surprise birthday party on Monday but I will write about that on my next post.

Now it's time to eat the beef stew I cooked all afternoon.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Winner Is ..............

Congratulations! Joanne Huffman is the winner of the give away. I only had eight responses so I did the drawing the old fashioned way. I put all the names on a slip of paper, put them in a hat and had my son Tony draw a name. So Joanne, I'll get this off to you in the mail tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Give Away

This is the prize for the drawing on Sunday. Those who answer and give their contact email whether they like my new blog background color better than the black will be in the drawing.

A shibori dyed silk hankie, gold/black dyed habotai silk piece, 2 yards of 1 1/4" wide shibori dyed silk ribbon. some lace, yarns, two black and gold buttons.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Background Color, Blog Give Away & The Sun Came Out

I changed the background color from black to ochre and wonder how many of you prefer this? Is it easier to read having black type on a lighter background? If you leave your comment I will put your name in a drawing to win a cool prize. I am away from home and don't have any pics on my laptop to show you but the prize will consist of some of my dyed ribbons and other little dyed fabric goodies! I will have the drawing on Sunday, Dec. 21. BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EAMIL CONTACT for me in your comment!

Yesterday the sun did indeed come out for me. I took a three mile walk but wasn't able to swim in the ocean as the waves were strong and the water was churning brown. I did swim in the pool and soaked up some rays before I went to visit my dear friend in the hospital. Later I went to Joe's on the Green to hear a local musician. I have known her for years but am not sure I am spelling her name correctly, I have to find that out. Kaualani has a voice like a dream and is a very strong Hawaiian woman! I snapped some pictures of the sun setting and my day surroundings.

I walked again this morning but rain this afternoon. HiHo, it's still warm and better than cold, freezing rain!

I have many photos but am working on creating a slide show and that might not be until after I get home.

Aloha for now.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kauai, Rainstorms, and Failing Eyesight


The one afternoon I got to walk I found this little bird feather on the path to the beach and later the coral hearts at Glass Beach.

I arrived in Kauai on Tuesday and spent Wed. with Connie. Thursday there were scattered showers and Friday I met Connie again at Mermaids for lunch after I had lomi lomi at Auntie Angeline's and then the rain started. During the night thunder was so strong it shook the condo and the rain fell sideways as the wind whipped it across the Island. Yesterday there were flash flood warnings and many roads were closed. I was forced to stay indoors which seemed ashamed since that isn't why I come to the island. I want to walk along the beach and hear the palm fronds cackle in the breeze. Alas it was raining too hard to go out and do that. I had a book I wanted to alter and some paints so I mostly glued and painted pages but my materials were limited and I got stuck with what to do next.

When I woke this morning at 5:00 (7:00 PST) I waited for the sun to rise. I went onto the lanai and took some photos of the moon peeking behind the palms.

Then I checked my horoscope from the little drop down box and realized perhaps my eyesight is beginning to fail? It read:

'If someone is rude, try not to take it personally. You'll only create a big drama.'

Only I read "If someone is nude, try not to take it personally. You'll only create a big drama." Oh my.

When it was late enough to drive to Joe's on the Green for breakfast the sun was coming out and this is the reward we get for all that rain ...............

The sun is fading in and out of a very cloudy sky but I'm going to walk now while I can because the showers are expected to return.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Faire Weekend

The weekend is over and most artists who vended at the Bargetto Christmas show over the weekend seemed to have sold more than was expected due to the economic woes many people are facing this season. I took a few pictures of my booth space as I was setting up but didn't get any after I was completely set up or any of myself. Once a show starts I don't often think of the photography part of things. I seem to do this when I'm teaching also and even on vacations. I take the camera but then forget to use it. Not sure what that's about and maybe I'll be able to change my habits?

I have plans to meet my 20 year old son Alex for lunch and I'm looking forward to that. Since he moved into his own apartment this summer only twenty minutes away I still only get to see him when he brings home his dirty laundry. Isn't that typical?

A ton of other things to do today since I'm leaving town early in the morning .... gifts to wrap and get in the mail, some shopping to do, banking, laundry, and there's unloading my car of all the props and things from the show over the weekend. And I need my bangs trimmed badly but my hair person is out of town and then I'll spend time trying to fit into last year's bathing suits and deciding if I can really be seen in public with one on. ACK!! It just ain't what it used to be. Sigh.

I better go take off my fluffy terry robe annd my fuzzy Ugg slippers and began my day.

I don't know if I'll get any Christmas cards sent this year so I hope everyone has very happy holidays and I'll try and post something from my laptop while I'm in the land of Aloha!

I'm meeting Joyce and Connie for dinner the first night I'm on Island and I'm sure I'll meet up with other friends I have there. Bea, Jerry (who runs the Kauai Music Festival)& Katherine, Tish and Heifara.

mele kalikimaka for now.