Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank You

Thank you Karen Valentine for recovering my page header for me!  If anyone out there needs a blog design or help starting one I highly recommend you contact Karen, she's the best!

Working away creating lots of goodies to take to Nashville!

Flowers ready to sew onto wide dupioni bias for hat/head bands, all hand dyed.

Hand dyed dupioni bias and chiffons flower wrist wraps

As soon as I get off this computer I'll be doing a lot of hand stitching to finish these.  It's an overcast, gray, sort of rainy day here so a good time to sit and stitch.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I Lost My "Pages" Header

In case you notice my "pages" header is missing.  I didn't really lose it I inadvertently deleted it.  I can't replace it as blogger says that gadget is already done.  So I'm waiting to get some help in fixing it so my pages are again linked up.  Technology is a wonderful thing right?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Top of My Work Table

The top of my work table is covered with dyed ribbon that has hand dyed chiffon flowers pinned on them and ready to stitch for hat/headbands and embellishments to add.

Taking these to Nashville to vend at Art Is You!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Almost Ready for Nashville and North Carolina!

I have been home for 10 days since An Artful Journey happened.  If you remember I took Katie Kendrick's painting class.  I had never painted with mixed media and acrylics so the journey was a bit bumpy for me but I was pretty happy with my few paintings I finished.  Learned some good ways to let go and paint without trying hard to paint "correctly".  I don't have pics but perhaps soon I will find time to take some and post.

I got home and had to redirect my creativity back into my comfort zone of working with fabric and wearables.  I am designing a lot of new things for Art Is You Nashville to vend on Sat. April 6th.  I hope lots of people come by my booth to say hello.

Nuno felt wrist wraps, hand dyed ribbon, and cowgirl hats with bands and hand sewn flowers

Upcycled denim shirt with hand dyed doilies (can you see the rhinestones on the shirt?) and bib overalls with a vintage petticoat
After vending I am hoping to see a bit of Nashville since I've not been there.  On Sunday I will be driving to North Carolina to visit a dear friend for a few days.  I have been threatening to do this for years now and can hardly wait for the day to come!