Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Storytelling with Collage"

So honored to be included in the book that Roxanne Evans Stout has had published.  She received her advance copy in the mail and I was able to see it for a short while when we were together in Redding, Ca. for our workshop "Gathering Grace on Altered Wings" at Altered Wing Studio.  The book is listed at Amazon for pre-order here.  It is fabulous and I can not wait for my copy to arrive in the mail!

When you think of collage the first thing that comes to mind might be cutting pictures out of magazines and glueing them onto a poster board or piece of construction paper?  Well collage is so much more.  There are many talented artists included in the book with a variety of categories. My piece in the magazine is of course fabric collage.  I was able to find a fabulous linen swing coat at a thrift store and I have used that as my background to collage my hand dyed and printed fabrics, with a bit of lace added, using hand stitching.

On Jan. 9 & 10 I got to teach a class with Roxanne  at Altered Wind Studio in Redding, CA.  I got to meet a wonderful and diverse group of woman as we used botanicals and rust to dye print paper and fabrics to be used in collage work.  Here are some photo's from that weekend.

Kimberly's Rust Print

Roxanne and me with our gracious hosts Kimberly and Ginger
(We are wearing necklaces created by Ginger)

Day One

Day Two

Thank you to all those who were in the class and took photos, many of which I have used here on the post!