Friday, July 29, 2011

Vendor Day at Art Unraveled

I'm preparing my garments to ship to Julie who will be selling for me on vendor day, Sat. August 6, at Art Unraveled in Phoenix.

These are some pics I took of some of my new items. I know they look better on a body but I can't spend too much time focusing with my eyes so I took some quick shots.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Art Unraveled Class

I was given the okay by my Dr. this morning to be on the computer for short periods of time. I feel like it's been a very long time lapse and I'm not sure how to catch up except I do want to encourage anyone interested in attending Art Unraveled and learn shibori dye techniques to do so. Even though I had to cancel I am so grateful that Glennis Dolce agreed to take over my class. If I could take a class from her I would be signing up! We both dye using shibori techniques but we do it differently and use different dyes and I'm always curious to learn other dyers processes. I know I'll meet Glennis in my future and spend time dyeing with her.

I am also grateful that Julie agreed to run my vendor booth, Lorie Garver is helping and several dear friends are prepared to assist if needed. Thank you Joanne, Fran, Martha, and Angie.

I felt so bad to cancel this event, especially after having to cancel the Create and event too. BUT I am going to be at Art Is You in Petaluma. I have my sister willing to assist me and other friends should I need that. It's a close drive for me and I just want to let everyone know who have signed up for my classes or are considering it that I will not have to cancel yet again. My eye is healing and I will be taking my doctor's advice seriously and going at the pace I need to so I will be prepared to teach and vend so don't be discouraged that I won't be there!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

An update...

Cindy here, writing for Lorri as she's recovering from yet another torn retina (ack!) She wanted me to let you know that she's taking it REAL easy this time, but that she won't be able to teach at Art Unraveled next month after all. She's very disappointed and is going to miss being there and seeing everyone, but she has no choice. The good news is that she has arranged for Glennis Dolce to teach in her place! Glennis is a fabulous instructor and Lorri highly recommends her, so you can rest assured that you'll be in good hands. There's still space in the class, A Day to Dye For, which includes not only dyeing techniques, but shibori as well. Glennis (aka Shibori Girl) would love to have you join her, so take a look! She's in Yosemite for the next few days, but will be posting specifics when she returns, so you can check out her blog for an update.

If you were hoping to purchase some of Lorri's fabulous creations at the event, no worries—Julie Haymaker-Thompson has graciously offered to sell Lorri's goods, so come to the vendor show and check out the goods! Lorri will be there in spirit, that's for sure.

Please send positive, healing prayers to her—she's unable to read right now, but her hubby is taking good care of her and will be sure the messages get to her. She'll check in here again when she can!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Art Is You Petaluma!

I'm late getting this info posted because of my eye surgery and dealing with this issue BUT if you are reading this I want to let you know that if you sign up for classes for Art Is You Petaluma tomorrow, MONDAY, using the coupon code JULY4 you will get $50 off the full registration but it is only valid for one day – July 4.

As a reminder I'm teaching 3 classes at this event. One is silk scarf dyeing

one is collage nuno felting

a third is shibori and other ribbon dyeing techniques

I'd love to have you join me for one of these classes but do check out the other options of so many choices and wonderful instructors!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Two Steps Back

I was given a good report at my last eye appointment regarding the healing of the laser that sealed the holes in my retina. I thought I could be normal again but I found out the hard way I was wrong. I could only be semi-normal. I went out and pulled some weeds and did a little pruning and tore a small hole in my retina so I was back at the doctors on thursday for a little more laser. Very disconcerting and I was lectured about what I can and can't do and this will be in effect for at least six months. sigh.

I can do a little reading/computer but no lifting, bending over, excessive up and down, aerobics and then my doctor showed she had a sense of humor and told me no rollercoasters, bungee cord jumping, rifle range shooting, or sky diving. This is going to be very hard to not be active as I usually am but I have got to take this serious.

I have some pics of more eco dyeing that I'll work on loading in the next couple of days and I am listing a few more shibori dyed ribbons on my lasfibers Etsy shop.