Sunday, August 31, 2008

DJ Pettit's Tote Workshop

I didn't get to finish my tote in DJ's class but I did get it all laid out. These are "in progress" pictures. I plan to use the feathers part of this bolo as the closure and Irene gave me the copper metallic thread I'll embellish with. I was so engrossed in working on my project I did not stop to take any pictures! I know Kathy took photos so you can look for her to post them on her blog in the near future.

I purchased a postcard years ago in Berkeley somewhere and always loved the photo of a man flying amongst the birds. I was able to locate the artist Quint Buchholz via the Internet and he gave me permission to copy the photo. So for the back of the tote I drew some outlines of birds and cut them out of black fabric to adhere to the tote.

Most of the fabric I used was purchased in Phoenix, AZ. where Angie and Fran took me to a fabulous fabric store. I only used one fabric that was my hand shibori dyed. I just didn't have any of my dyed fabrics on hand to use in these colors and on Sunday at my dye workshop I did not have time to dye my own fabrics then. Thank you Angie & Fran!

I don't know when I'll finish this but know that I will complete it soon. I'm not one to leave a lot of UFO's around.

DJ is a wonderful, sharing, teacher and I would recommend anyone taking a class with her!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunday's Dye Workshop

A silk satin devore fabric where you can see the view through the sheer part that isn't blocked out by the vine pattern.

I think the dye workshop was a success. It got awfully hot up here, we were flushed, but no on left! I often get so involved in workshops that I fail in the picture taking department. I'm posting what I have but if anyone from who took the workshop is posting pictures elsewhere, please let me know. There were four lovely

women who traveled from far way to meet in Santa Cruz and attend both mine and DJ's workshop. I know they took some photos. I don't often open my studio to the public like this and fretted over not having time to organize it more but decided it is what it is and these women got to see the truth of how I operate. LOL! Then I wonder why we artists stress so much over how clean or organized our studios look or don't look. Were we brainwashed by "Better Home & Gardens" and Betty Crocker or June Clever? If we're working at a job that requires lots of tools and items that get messy then what are we suppose to expect? If the studio functions isn't that the important thing? Okay I digress. On with the photos:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

DJ Pettit and my workshop coming up

I have to finish getting unpacked from Art Unraveled and get things ready for the dye workshop on Sunday. At the same time my son moved out of the little apartment we have on our property he was living in while he attended De Anza. He moved into Santa Cruz and we're trying to get this little place cleaned up. I had wondered what was happening to all my bedding? Well I found it, a huge mountain of blankets, sheets, sleeping bags, pillows, and mattress pads all up there. Now I have to clean it all too. Wah, wah, wah.

Not much to post except here is a link to a map to Skyland Church where DJ's workshop will be held on Monday. If you need directions to my house for Sunday email me.

I'm really excited about the workshop being at my studio. I'm planning to have an indigo vat going along with the fiber reactive dyes. I'll be back to post pictures of our dyed fabrics after the workshop.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

About my Garden .............

When I left for Phoenix I said I would fret about my garden getting taken care of and I did worry a bit as I drove along the desert highways with all those truckers out there in 110 degree heat (thank you for air conditioned cars). But my son Tony was very good about taking care of it. I did have a bean stock fall over from the weight being too much for the bamboo poles that snapped. The bowl of bounty I picked today is waiting for me to make into salsa.

I have a refrigerator full of zucchini (I'm sure you're suprised!) and cucumbers. The melons are on the vines waiting to ripen and all is well. Remember the children's story of Frog and Toad where Toad sits in his garden every night waiting for the seeds to grow? That's how I feel about these melons, how long do I have to wait before they're ripe? How do you know?

After my long trip away I realize I did not take one picture when I was in Sedona. The place was so beautiful I just soaked it up and didn't even think about unpacking the bag with my camera in it. Jan took me to Jerome, an old ghost mining town where there are a lot of artist types and some very cool shops. It was amazing though the only thing we bought was food?! A first I think.

Here are the pictures from my Wayward Threads class I taught the last day of Art Unraveled. And then I'm off to make that salsa.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home from Art Unraveled

First off this picture of the moon setting is what I woke up to this morning. It gives me a sense of tranquility to sit out in the quiet morning and see this view. I tend to get up early before anyone else rises in my family (unless my husband is up to go play golf!).

I had a marvelous time at Art Unraveled in Phoenix. Linda Young the promoter does a fantastic job of running this retreat!

I drove to LA the first day and saw Connie who took me to the TV set where she helps direct the new series "The Starter Wife". Then we went to Santa Monica to eat and had our "fortunes" told by some street psychics. On my drive home I went through Sedona and had a truly relaxing time with my dear friend Jan and her husband Dave. A beautiful place to live!

My first day at AU I took a class and then I was busy meeting with friends, setting up for vendor day and vending, and teaching. I have lots of photos so I'm going to start posting them. Pictures do tell the story. I'll start with photos of my vendor booth and then pictures of my ribbon dyeing class. We dyed silk ribbons and silk fabric strips. Look how wonderful they all turned out!

I will save the photos from my other class for another post.

Angie, Joanne, and Fran are women I had known only online in a Yahoo art group. I got to meet them in person and felt like I'd known them forever. Joanne I knew before from Kauai and meeting up with her in Missouri. We had already formed a friendship but was great to see her again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leaving for Ten Days

Just before I hit the road I'll leave some pictures of my garden. Of course I'll miss my family but what I'll fret about most is leaving my garden. You may not know this about me, that I garden. I don't have the green thumb, landscaping skills that my Mom and sister have but I do grow vegetables. Luckily my son Tony helped me put in a drip system in the raised beds with a timer so I'm not too worried about it getting watered, but will someone pick the bounty and weed while I'm gone? Maybe if I call to remind them. Then there are the potted plants and the lavendar out front. Hopefully when I come home I'll still have time to enjoy the beans and tomatoes, the squash and cucumbers and peppers.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Preparing for Art Unraveled

I just finished packaging dyed ribbons to take to Art Unraveled for vendor day. I'll be busy this weekend loading up my teaching supplies and props for vendor booth into my car as I've decided to drive. I'll leave on Tuesday and drive to LA where I'll spend the night with my friend Connie. Then on Wednesday I'll drive on into Phoenix. I'm taking a class on Thursday with Traci Bunkers, Friday I'll visit my friend Guy and hopefully take a hike in the desert, then Sat. is vendor day and I teach, then I teach again on Sunday. Monday I'll drive to Sedona to spend a few days with my friends Dave & Jan and then head back home.