Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunday's Dye Workshop

A silk satin devore fabric where you can see the view through the sheer part that isn't blocked out by the vine pattern.

I think the dye workshop was a success. It got awfully hot up here, we were flushed, but no on left! I often get so involved in workshops that I fail in the picture taking department. I'm posting what I have but if anyone from who took the workshop is posting pictures elsewhere, please let me know. There were four lovely

women who traveled from far way to meet in Santa Cruz and attend both mine and DJ's workshop. I know they took some photos. I don't often open my studio to the public like this and fretted over not having time to organize it more but decided it is what it is and these women got to see the truth of how I operate. LOL! Then I wonder why we artists stress so much over how clean or organized our studios look or don't look. Were we brainwashed by "Better Home & Gardens" and Betty Crocker or June Clever? If we're working at a job that requires lots of tools and items that get messy then what are we suppose to expect? If the studio functions isn't that the important thing? Okay I digress. On with the photos:

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Joanne Huffman said...

I wish I had been able to be there. It looks wonderful (I knew it wold be).