Thursday, February 21, 2008

"wayward threads" wedding stole

I've gotten a couple of calls recently inquiring about a wedding stole I made that was published in last year's Somerset Studio Wedding 3 edition. It's coming upon the time of year young lover's plan their weddings. After the winter chilliness, in spring at the dawn of summer. So I'm collecting vintage laces, and soft elegant yarns to make them. Here is a sample of one I finished. I think it drapes nicely and just love it really. This is the one I pictured laid out in the previous post. I hope to have a few more made soon to show and sell.

Friday, February 15, 2008

"wayward threads" samples - Art Unraveled registration begins today!

I've been experimenting with different materials for making "wayward threads". One with only a vintage stretchy lace I was able to obtain a huge roll of.

I have another one laid out. This is stole sized and I've displayed some of the laces I've been purchasing to use.

I dyed some charmeuse silk and tore it into strips to make one .

This one uses Midori dupioni silk bias ribbon.

I'll be teaching a "wayward threads" class at Art Unraveled in Phoenix this summer. registration begins today!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Brighter Days

Yes the sun has been shining and it lifts my spirits and causes me to want to create more!! Our kitties Moo & Ducky are enjoying the warm mid 60's degree weather we're having too.

Even the daffodils and paperwhites are blooming!

I have been in the studio dyeing lots of ribbons and fabrics and then I hit a snag ........ searching for this card of antique glass buttons that are sewn onto a cardboard in the shape of a fan. I have looked at these intricate little buttons for many months not wanting to cut them away from each other, but I have to do it. I want to use them in some new flower pins. So I went to find it and couldn't. It was in that special place you put things when you want to be able to find them. It took me an hour and a prayer to St. Anthony (the patron St. of lost things) before I had the "aha!" moment and knew where it was. Here is a photo of these beautiful little glass creations.

I'm off now to San Jose to the Quilt & Textile museum to switch out some items I have for sale there but tomorrow I'll be back in my studio happily creating as long as the sun is shining so brightly!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New ribbon experiments

I've been looking to invest in different ribbons. I found this great ruffled silk grosgrain only to be told by the source that it's a discontinued one. Drat! Of course I really like it! it's the one on the right of the photo. I also like the Silk Plisse ribbon shown in the center but it comes from the same source and she is retail only whifrom and see about wholesale but it's not always easy. The third ribbon shown in the photo is a velvet which dyed very darkly so I need to work with it a bit more.

The ribbon below shows a dupioni silk which is a bias cut ribbon. A true ribbon is woven and has edges, this is bias cut from fabric and sewn together at intervals. I like how the edges fray after dyeing and washing. I also have this in a wider size .

I'm still waiting to get my order from the Gift Fair and after I experiment with those ribbons I will be putting together some necklaces to show and sell. I know it has taken me a while to follow through but sometimes that's just the way it goes. Thank you to those who have been inquiring.

I used my scanner to photograph these and I'm not happy with it. I need a different scanner, so until that happens I'll go back to using my digital camera.