Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Making Some Observations and Reflecting

I participated in a show last weekend "Remnants of the Past" and while I hesitate to broadcast this I did poorly.  I didn't come near getting my booth fee back and in all the years I've done shows this has not happened.  So what happened?  I have some theories.  First off this is the most expensive show I've ever done so the fee was high to recover.

The show is advertised as a vintage show and to me that means something is vintage or vintage parts are used to create something new, etc.  I was told by marketers that something considered an antique had to be 100 years or older and I've been told something vintage was either 25 or 50 years or older.  So it has always been a bit confusing but now something vintage seems to be anything that looks old or a style of being old. Things that look "vintage" but have nothing vintage about them.

There was a lot of clothing at this show!  While a few booths that had retail clothing, cheap clothes made in China, for resale did very well it's hard to compete with that.  The clothes were cute!  But there was nothing vintage about them except perhaps the style of being lacy or romantic.

This was only my second year to do the show but the attendance was way down from last year.  Many vendors I've talked with who have done the show for years agreed.

Perhaps there is too much competition.  Lot's of these vintage style shows are popping up.  Same stuff, same vendors, and more and more reproduction resales.

I thought I'd be okay at selling because I teach and vend at art retreats.  But now the art retreats are letting retail resellers in.  I understand retailing supplies to attendees to use to make stuff with but out right retail clothing and jewelry that competes with the artist made stuff?  Yes there are those who appreciate the artist made creations and we are grateful to those but I am baffled why promoters want to bring the mall into the picture.  It that the sort of vendor show they want?  Not to showcase the artist but just to sell booth spaces?

I am the only one who has an issue with this?  I would like to hear from others and there ideas and opinions concerning my theories.

I know I won't stop creating, it's in my soul, in my mind I keep thinking about how to move ahead and what the plan should be.

So after all the bitching and moaning here's a happy picture.  Iris blooming in my garden and the beds awaiting soil amendment and vegetable planting.   Time to get my hands dirty!