Tuesday, June 23, 2020

My plans while the pandemic lingers ...........

During the shelter in place because of the Coronavirus pandemic I found it hard to concentrate on creating in my studio.  The art retreats and vendor shows I had planned to participate in were canceled or I chose not to attend for obvious reasons.  Actually only one of those is planning to take place but it didn't work for me with the restrictions that would be in place.  I never realized how goal oriented I am.  Without a show or a class to be working on projects for I couldn't just make something for the sake of doing it.  I did a few sample projects and I put together kits that I sent to students who had signed up for my classes that I chose to cancel.  That was rewarding for me, working on something positive and I think most all those who received the kits in the mail were happy to get them.

I tackled the job of cleaning and clearing out unnecessary clutter.  Starting in my studio I kept stalling because I didn't know what to do with all the extra "stuff".  Not things I want to take to Goodwill and besides it wasn't open anyway, no thrifts stores.  I listed somethings on eBay and Etsy and did moderately well but that's a task and I wanted more immediate results.  Talking with a friend she suggested I get a space at an antique mall that she has been involved with.  I considered it and decided to contact the person in charge and so starting July 1 I will have a space to sell.  

I'm really excited and nervous about this.  I love that I will have an outlet to sell and display at but I'm nervous because I have no idea how well my things will sell in a venue of this type.  

I'm working on putting things together and in a few days I'll start moving merchandise in and setting it all up.  I keep wishing my sister Jan could be here to help me.  She always has good ideas and is a big help to me.  BUT no traveling right now.  She's 7 - 8 hour drive away from me and not going to happen.

Trying to price items is always tough.  All the years I've been doing this type of work and it never gets easier.  What did I pay for materials, how long did it take me to make it, what is the market, will anyone buy this?  Yep same old questions.

The name of the Antique Mall is Attilia's in Santa Cruz, CA  I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram after I'm set up to let everyone know about my space and what I'll have for sale.  Of course my upcycled clothing, botanical and rust dyed fabrics and Storyscapes, curio remnant packets, vintage linens and doilies, and all sorts of thing I've collected. Good junk, treasures!  Things for artists!  

2630 Soquel Dr
Santa Cruz, California 95065

I hope everyone is staying safe, wearing masks in public and social distancing.