Monday, January 22, 2018

Art Unraveled Teaching Announcement and Ruminations on Blogging

The website for Art Unraveled is open and registration will begin on Jan. 31st.  I am teaching a two day class this year and am very excited about it.  It's titled Shop, Design, Sew Upcycled Garments. It's a brand new endeavor where the class is limited to 12 students.  I will help each student design their own creations from the purchase of unloved garments to the finish embellishing.  Here's all the info about it.   I am hoping to get a full class of others who want to repurpose and upcyle garments.

When I was calling about shuttle services to take us shopping I was asked whether this was for a bachelorette party, a family affair, a funeral, etc.  When I said "no it's to take a group of women thrift shopping and to the fabric store" there was marked silence on the other end.  LOL!  Then the woman asked me more about what I was doing and when I told her she loved the idea.

Now about this blog ........ since Facebook happened I find it easier and easier to just post something there, a quick update, a photo, or maybe just a "like" and I spend less time trying to write a post here. I do read blogs but not nearly as much as before and I find many bloggers are in the same place I am and write less and less and many of them have discontinued their blogs altogether.

I am not on Instagram and have not figured out how that would be an asset to me but many friends are encouraging me to get an Instagram account.  I am slow to keep up on the latest technology and apps offered but perhaps I'll get there someday.

I truly need to update everything here, my events page is old, my gallery is not that well organized, I need a secretary or someway that keeps me on the ball to update.  sigh.

I have been purging my closet of garments I don't wear or that don't fit and selling them on Poshmark, I've listed items on eBay and and have sold a few old weaving items on FB.  So instead of updating my pages here today I am off to town to the Post Office to mail packages.

Maybe tomorrow?....................