Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time Slips Away

Arrived home from New York last Monday and have been frantic getting ready to leave on Tuesday for Art Unraveled!  My first visit to NY city was fantastic.  It was a short visit and  involved meeting up with old friends and new ones on Long Island for a couple days before riding the train into "the core".  I chose not to take my camera or computer so have only a handful of pics sent to me.  Saw my first Broadway show, Memphis, and loved it!  I'll be going back someday I'm sure.

Our first day was planned to walk Caumsett Park.  It was raining steady but some of us diehards went anyway.

After this one rainy day the rain moved on but cooled things down from the triple digits of the previous week.  Sun came out and the weather was perfect.

Times Square

Back to packing tubs with workshop materials and tagging garments for vendor day!  I'm gone until Aug. 11th but may pop in to post if I find time!  

Be seeing some of you in Phoenix I hope!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New York to Phoenix

Early tomorrow morning Michael and I will be heading to SFO for a direct flight to New York.  We'll be there for only 5 days but have plans to see Ground Zero, attend a Broadway play (Memphis), hang out and have dinner in the Village (Vincent's Clam Bar) and do whatever else time and energy will allow us to do.  This is a first for me!

I will be closing my Etsy shops while I'm gone but when I return I will reopen and have the 20% sale affective until I leave on July 31 to head for Phoenix and Art Unraveled.

I am teaching two classes and still have openings in both.  Here are more samples of what you can create in my classes. You cannot believe how fun and magical this process is!  I can't wait to show this technique.  The little sample cards with ribbons and eco prints will be for sale on Vendor day at AU. 

I hope lots of you who are attending or live in the Phoenix area stop by and say hello!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blog Hop Party Post - Where Artists Create

"A creative mess is better than tidy idleness."

Welcome!  My name is Lorri Scott and I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

My studio is a somewhat converted two car garage.  Slowly over the years I have been making it less and less a concrete floor garage and more an inspirational environment.

Step into my studio single file because it's rather crowded in here.  Sorry the entrance is a bit messy because I'm under construction, but this is a good thing and you'll soon agree.

Studio outside where the addition is being built.  Slab gets poured in two weeks and after that things will go up fast.  My husband is a contractor so it's a blessing and a curse.  Good because he can build this for me, a curse because it's unknown how long it will take.

Outdoor set up for indigo dyeing

Looking into the whole picture, try not to be overwhelmed.  I had visions of tidying up for the photo shoot but really this is how I work most of the time so I want you to see that.  

I'm a fiber artist, mostly designing garments and accessories.  I love to color fabric with dye and use all types of dye, natural, fiber reactive, and acid dyes.  I was a weaver for over 25 years.  It seems weird to say "was" but I haven't woven anything for several years now so I had my 48", 16 harness, AVL production dobby loom taken apart and it is in the storage area in the back part of studio.   I shibori dye, vat dye, eco dye print, you name it I'll try it to add color and pattern to fabrics.  I teach workshops and sell my wares on vendor days and on Etsy.

Let's continue the tour.

See how congested this area is?  When my new addition is added it will become like a giant closet and this space will be free to set up more tables so I will have room to have workshops.

Inspiration I have displayed that is art from friends and acquaintances or antique pieces I've bought.  And of course the mountains of vintage laces, doilies, and linens I incorporate into my "wayward threads" garments.

Here's my main work table where I have been eco print dyeing, a technique I learned from India Flint's book "Eco Colour"

My ironing station

Old pressed tin hinged screen I use as background for photos and my dress form with what I'm working on now.

The variety of items I create

I'm so glad you stopped by now have a seat and let's create!

If you don't have time to stay try and join me at Art Unraveled in Phoenix next month or stop by to see me on vendor day in Sept. at Art Is You Petaluma!  Or perhaps we can meet next Feb. at An Artful Journey?  I won't be teaching but am attending.

To see other participating blogs click here.

Have a wonderful and creative day!

Blog Hop Party

The blog hop party has started today and I am unprepared.  I was ready to load my pics from camera to my computer yesterday and there was not a single pic on my chip??  I did not reformat or anything so I blame it on the poltergeist.  I know this sounds like "the dog ate my homework" but really if you know me I would not lie about this.  So I just finished taking all new photos of my studio and am working on getting my blog post up now.  Check back within the hour and it should be done.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Blog Design

Yep, I finally got a new look here thanks to Karen Valentine! I will be working on my pages in hopes of having it all together by July 14th for Blog Hop Party!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Tales and Sales

The weather here in the Santa Cruz Mountains has been just about perfect.  Nice sunny days.  While most of the nation seems to be sweltering or braving wind storms we are being blessed.

I've been in the studio dye printing pieces of silk fabrics and ribbon.  I became enamored with this process I learned from India Flint's book "Eco-Colour".  I have been trying to take one of India's workshops but things keep getting in the way to make that not happen.  I feel that when it's the right time we'll meet and I will be able to study with her.  It seems India isn't just teaching a technique but a way of life.  The ecology of gathering dye materials and using what we have available and to protect the environment in our own personal lives.

Below are some images of my results.  I am teaching two classes at Art Unraveled,  See them here.  One an evening class dyeing silk ribbon and fabric strips using coffee, tea, onion skins, a few surprise leaves and flowers.  The other is a day and a half class which will be more in depth, using larger pieces to experiment with, and a final project of dyeing scarves.   I would love for you to join me!  This is the 10th year anniversary of Art Unraveled and I know Linda has a lot of fun events planned for the week. Come for a class or ten, at least attend vendor day on Sat., or stop in to check out the activities.

Friends and family have sent messages that they have gotten their copy of Belle Armoire (where I'm the feature designer) in the mail or purchased it at local bookstores so the summer issue is out!  I have not gotten my copy yet and can hardly wait to see it in person so I'll drive to town and visit my bookstore tomorrow. I know there are some fabulous artists in this issue and Stampington Press always has wonderful photos and interesting articles.

I've decided to continue my Etsy sale until I leave for Art Unraveled on July 31.  The code is still BELLE ARMOIRE.  This sale is for both my shops  l.a.s.fibers and wayward threads .  Be sure to check back tomorrow as I'll be adding items to both shops today.

A little bad news to end with.  My classes at Art Is You Petaluma have been canceled due to low registration.  Wah!  I was really looking forward to teaching these two new classes.  I still plan to come to the retreat to sell on vendor day so if you're in the area or attending Art is You please stop by my booth and say hello!

I hope your summer is full of great experiences and memory making!