Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shoot Like a Girl Collage Vest

As many of you know I have been taking vintage bird hunting vests and upcycling them into fun and feminine ones.  I called them Shoot Like a Girl Sharpshooter Vests or often the shorter version of just Shooter Vests.

After being contacted by Roxanne Evans Stout, a couple of years ago now,  to create a fabric collage for her book Storytelling with Collage I was challenged to do this using botanical and rust dye prints and of course I wanted to collage a garment with them. For that project it was a natural linen swing jacket.  I loved creating it so much I have continued on, slowly, but still taking this further with garments.

I have  been playing with using some of the botanical and rust dye prints to collage the shooter vests.  Here is one that has sold.

This is a collage I've been working on for a while now.  I get distracted with other projects or commissions that come my way but I am happy with how this is evolving.  I plan to stitch it onto the back of a shooter vest.

I gave Kate Thompson some credit for inspiring me to add the red embroidered antlers because of her wonderful work.  Kate is coming to San Jose in June to give a two day class which I will participate in and can hardly wait.  I think there might be an opening or two so sign up if you can take the class!

Have a wonderful day and hope you are creating something wonderful in your life.