Sunday, July 28, 2013

Further on Down the Road

Yes that will be me driving once again to Palm Desert and down I10 to Phoenix for Art Unraveled.  I leave Tuesday morning to drive south and spend the night then finish the drive on Wednesday.  Looking forward to meeting up with friends and teaching and vending.

The garment in the photos is a sample of what can be created in my "Workshop Runway" class.  I believe there are a couple of openings left.  Check out the info here,

There's also an opportunity to take this reconstructed garment class at Art Is You Petaluma in September. Take old, unloved shirts and make them into a fun and arty new one!  After the basic shirt is made there are so many possibilities to embellish it and make it your own creation!  I hope to see some of you in my class.

Here's a message from the promoters of Art Unraveled about vendor day.

Won't you join us? A day of shopping fun awaits you in only a week! Yes, that's right the 11th annual vendor day at Art Unraveled is going to be here before we know it. We'll be at the Embassy Suites again on Saturday, August 3rd from 10 am to 4 pm.

Artists & Vendors are coming from around the U.S. to tempt you with their hand-made art, jewelry, dolls, books, journals, paintings - and also vintage jewelry, fabric, doo-dads, trinkets and so much more. Check the list of vendors to see if your favorites will be with us.  We're excited that there are quite a few new vendors with us this year - you're sure to find something that sings to you!

Tatum's Restaurant in the Embassy Suites will be open for lunch serving their full lunch menu and Oscar's coffee bar will be in the lounge serving your favorite coffee drinks to keep up your energy level cause it is going to be that kind of day - shop til' you drop!

Tickets will be available at the door. Plan to arrive early and stay til' 4 for the grand prize drawing valued at $500 retail. We'll have drawings throughout the day at approximately 20 minute intervals.

Print this email and bring it along to the event, we'll give you $1 off the price of the $7 entry fee. Forward it on to your friends - they're welcome to the discount too!

Hope to see you there!

P.S. There's still time to register for a workshop. We'll be accepting walk-in registrations at the hotel beginning on the evening of July 29th  following Meet the Artists and every day during the event. Come join us for learning, fun and camaraderie won't you?

The Embassy Suites is located at 4415 E Paradise Village Parkway S in Phoenix. Take Cactus Rd.  to Paradise Village Parkway and turn South - near the Paradise Valley Mall.

If you'd like a list of vendors email me and I'll pass that on to you.  Of course I'll be there!

I'm off to the studio to start making piles of what I need to load my car with tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Less than 3 Weeks and a million things to do

While in Wisconsin the mosquitoes were fierce and ticks were out but I found some great insect repellent by 3M, UltraThon 12 hour.  The main ingredient is DEET, is that good for us?  Downside was it made me a little sticky but hey no bugs.  Fireworks at Jump River were fantastic and seeing family friends is priceless.  We scattered my mother-in-law Rose's (fondly know as Rosita) on various parts of the farm.  In the field of shasta daisies, down by Skinner Creek, and a little behind the bee house where her father had the bees hives while she was growing up.

(thank you Jeff for the photo)

After getting home I found myself back in the studio finishing up a special project I mentioned in my previous post.  It was a commission piece, not wearable, so it stretched my creativity.  As soon as I mail it out and am sure the friend has received I'll be back to post images and a bit more about it.

Now I am frantic to make a few more things to sell on vendor day at Art Unraveled, finish up my class prep, ponder and work on samples for upcoming show applications, and fitting in appointments and daily life in between.

Here's a little needle and supply case I made as a possible class I'll give in the future.  It's nuno felted and sewn with manmade felt pages, pockets for button, needles, or small bead case, and embellished.

I gotta run now, peace out.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Traveling to Wisconsin

I, my husband, and the two sons will be up early tomorrow to get to the airport to travel to Wisconsin to attend a family reunion.  We are taking my mother-in-law's ashes to scatter on the farm she grew up on.

I won't be taking my computer and doubt there will be cell phone reception so it's very possible I will be without internet connection for 6 days.  Remember when we didn't have this technology?  Have we become addicted to it?  Every morning I check my email, my facebook page, go to my favorite sites and then a few more visits during the day.  My computer is always on.

Now I will be in mid northern Wisconsin where the weather has been in the 70's with a little rain.  Sounds good except I know the farm is on a creek and always has bugs.  The mosquitos are the worst and I am not relishing that part of the trip.

No internet, enough mosquitos to carry me off, sleeping in the bat room, hhmmm sounds like a bad trip only I know how beautiful the farm is, how fun to see all the friends and relative, sit around a camp fire at night, take walks down to the creek, and how great to reminisce about old times.  In the end it's all worth it.

On the flip side I have been very busy with a project I am so excited about, a commission by a friend.  When I return I'll be putting the finishing touches on it and then posting here.  I'll also be getting ready for Art Unraveled!  My fabulous "workshop runway" class and vending.

Hope everyone is having a spectacular summer!