Friday, July 12, 2013

Less than 3 Weeks and a million things to do

While in Wisconsin the mosquitoes were fierce and ticks were out but I found some great insect repellent by 3M, UltraThon 12 hour.  The main ingredient is DEET, is that good for us?  Downside was it made me a little sticky but hey no bugs.  Fireworks at Jump River were fantastic and seeing family friends is priceless.  We scattered my mother-in-law Rose's (fondly know as Rosita) on various parts of the farm.  In the field of shasta daisies, down by Skinner Creek, and a little behind the bee house where her father had the bees hives while she was growing up.

(thank you Jeff for the photo)

After getting home I found myself back in the studio finishing up a special project I mentioned in my previous post.  It was a commission piece, not wearable, so it stretched my creativity.  As soon as I mail it out and am sure the friend has received I'll be back to post images and a bit more about it.

Now I am frantic to make a few more things to sell on vendor day at Art Unraveled, finish up my class prep, ponder and work on samples for upcoming show applications, and fitting in appointments and daily life in between.

Here's a little needle and supply case I made as a possible class I'll give in the future.  It's nuno felted and sewn with manmade felt pages, pockets for button, needles, or small bead case, and embellished.

I gotta run now, peace out.


Joanne Huffman said...

Glad you had a good time. The needle case looks great; I would definitely sign up for that class.

Chris Flynn said...

Very sweet Lori. Glad you back,yet packing up again!
xoxo Chris

jan b. said...