Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Decorating

tree all lit up

Arrived home from Kauai on Monday night.  Yesterday the weather here was unbelievably warm.  I was wearing a tank top and felt like maybe I was still on island!

I decided I wanted to have a little Christmas decoration so I got my son Tony and we scouted the property for a tree to cut down.  Knowing that we have no plans for a Christmas celebration at our house and that my oldest son won't be coming home we chose a funny little tree instead of a towering one.  I only brought out one string of lights and a few ornaments.  We stuck the tree in a pot full of dirt and set it on the fireplace ledge.  We have something to put the few wrapped presents under but this is the extent of decorating this year.  Just a "charlie brown" tree.

the unlit version

If you want to see some beautifully decorated homes visit here or here or many other creative decorators blogs.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bittersweet Visit to Kauai

Michael and I have been on Island since Dec. 4th and while the weather has been downright balmy and perfect the visit has been a bit sad for me too.  After our arrival we learned a dear friend was not doing so well.  We were able to visit with her and talked about old times and laughed a lot. Her mind was still so very sharp but her body frail.  On Saturday she left us.  I've not cried because I know Bea would hate it if we cried.  She always said death should not be a sad occasion, it's just part of life and you let it go.  So goodbye my dear friend.  xo

Another sad point to this visit is that we sold our condo.  After coming here for ten years I feel like I'm losing a part of me, a second home.  BUT I know, I know, my life is blessed and while this is by no means a hardship it was still special to me and now I have to turn the page ..............

I've sorted through my belongings I had here, piling what to donate, what to gift, and what to keep.  In between I'm taking walks, swimming, lounging, and visiting this place.  I've been collecting flowers, leaves, and pods and dyeing fabric samples.  I am so interested in seeing what the local area I collect from has to offer in dyestuffs and experimenting with the botanicals to see what works!  It's always the surprise that keeps me intrigued.

I have pondered creating another workshop here on Kauai after doing one with DJ Pettitt a few years back but things kept coming up to prevent me from organizing and following through.  On this trip I have a much firmer idea of what this should be and a special place I'd like to plan this retreat at.  I have a few instructors in mind who might want to join me so when I get closer to finalizing plans I'll be back with info.  But who wouldn't want to go to Kauai for an art retreat?