Sunday, July 27, 2008

Abalone Dreams

This is what I have named my latest "wayward threads" stole, "Abalone Dreams". You do know I name my "wayward threads" don't you?

After working with the pieces of abalone shells to create necklaces for my salt sisters I was enamored with the colors of those shell linings. See my previous post of those shells in my beach treasures. Shimmering and sparkling it had the essence of the silk I love to work with. I dyed dupioni bias silk the colors of those shell linings to make this ethereal and wonderfully soft wrap. I am off to create more of these and continue building my inventory for upcoming shows, well after I have another cup of coffee, and some more of the yummy peaches from the orchard down the road.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Beach Treasures

A box of treasures I collected on my walks along the beaches of Gualala. I posted earlier about my trip with my girlfriends Diane and Devra when they visited from Austin. I took some of these treasures, small pieces of abalone (drilled holes with a dremel)and rocks with holes worn in them by tumbling in the ocean and I used them as pendants to make my "salt sisters" each a necklace. I know my jewelry making skills are lacking but the natural beauty of the found objects makes up for it , right?!

I dyed silk grosgrain ribbon to attach the length of chain on and I wrote "salt sister" on a scrap of dyed dupioni silk to insert in the silver bezel. It was great fun making these, experimentation on my part, and I know my sisters loved them!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day of Dyeing

I spent a day dyeing ribbons and remnants in soft teal, beach glass, luna moth green and robin's egg blue. I should call these "Nina" colors. Tomorrow I will dye batches in brick red, copper, rust, and taupe. Earthy colors. Then I'll dye eggplant and midnight, wine and plums to package and prepare for sale at Art Unraveled.

Devore Velvet Luna Moth Remnant

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heat Wave and Big Sur

It's still very smoky at my house from the Fire down in Big Sur. We're also having a heat wave. It's hard to keep the house closed up for the smoke when it's this hot. It was 103 degrees here yesterday and we do not have AC. I took myself to Santa Cruz where it was 73, pleasant! I plan to do that again since it's going to be another hot one! And the smoke bothers me.

I think I'm also a little depressed thinking about a part of the country I love being burned - Big Sur. This morning they report that the businesses in Big Sur are saved thus far. But the beautiful, rugged land is scorched. I was just there on June 2nd and here are some pictures I took, now think of it all blackened. The good thing is that the land will renew itself, it will come back.

The Road to Big Sur.

A scenic view of the coast line on the drive down to Big Sur.

This is the view from Nepenthe, I fear this is blackened but I know the business was saved. I had to add the picture with condiments for Joe. LOL!

While having lunch at Nepenthe the local birds like to visit .

I need to be in my studio working but it's really just too hot. It's hard to be creative when you have sweat dripping in your face! So I'll go into Santa Cruz again where it will be cooler.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Workshops August 24 & 25, 2008

Tote that DJ made using some dyed fabrics I sent her. This is an example of what the class(es) project will be!

I have added the information pages and an application about the dye workshop I'm teaching August 24th and DJ Pettitt's tote class on August 25th.

If you are unable to download the following please email me

Download workshop information

Download application