Sunday, July 27, 2008

Abalone Dreams

This is what I have named my latest "wayward threads" stole, "Abalone Dreams". You do know I name my "wayward threads" don't you?

After working with the pieces of abalone shells to create necklaces for my salt sisters I was enamored with the colors of those shell linings. See my previous post of those shells in my beach treasures. Shimmering and sparkling it had the essence of the silk I love to work with. I dyed dupioni bias silk the colors of those shell linings to make this ethereal and wonderfully soft wrap. I am off to create more of these and continue building my inventory for upcoming shows, well after I have another cup of coffee, and some more of the yummy peaches from the orchard down the road.


Anonymous said...

cool name ... I bet it shimmers just like the abalone shells.


artbeth67 said...

Beautiful! :)