Friday, October 29, 2010

New Dawn

When I arose this morning and walked into the kitchen to start the coffee I looked out at this view, tiers of clouds in various pink tinged grays and pale blue sky over the Monterey Bay. I stepped outside and took in the view and thought "this is a new dawn". It is a new dawn for me. After traveling so much going here and there, teaching, and vending I realized I needed some down time. Time in my studio to create things I want to and not rushing into the next project to create for an upcoming show.

All day I slowly began reorganizing my studio. My husband and son Tony took my huge AVL loom apart. It was taking up quite a bit of room and since I have not woven anything on it for almost 3 years I decided to store it until I get the urge to weave again, if ever. I do have to consider that after 25 years of weaving and creating handwoven clothing I may be done, I may end up selling the loom in the near future. It's a difficult thing to consider giving up something that has been my livelihood for so many years, a part of who I am, but in essence I have already done that. It's coming to terms with the fact that my focus has changed but not knowing if that is a constant for the future. It's like holding a sentimental artifact dear to your heart, knowing that you've had it in a box for many years and forgotten it. Clearing it out of your life may open up room for something new. Does this make sense to you?

Now I have extra room in the studio which I desperately needed. It feels great to have more open space and room to have easy access to my wall of shelves where I store fabrics, ribbons, buttons, laces and threads. I am clearing the large work table and sorting through the stuff. My goal is to finish over the weekend and by next week I will start anew, just like the new dawn I experienced this very morning.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about friendships in my life. How many dear friends I have, some of them lifelong, some living miles even states away, and how much I appreciate them. Sometimes I don't stay in touch very well but I want each of you to know that doesn't mean I don't care or remember how special you are to me (and you all know who you are!).

I'm leaving in the morning to go to Dallas, to be with my family, and when I return I will focus on reopening my Etsy shops and taking time in my studio to work on some projects that have long been brewing in my head.

The Miracle of Friendship
by Anonymous

There is a Miracle called Friendship
that dwells within the heart
and you don't know how it happens
or when it even starts.

But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift
and you realize that
is God's most precious gift.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art & Soul - The road to and from Portland

I am home from Art & Soul. I am tired. I traveled to Phoenix, Paris, Portland (all cities that begin with P?). I am traveling to Dallas on Sat. to spend time with my sister. My parents will be there for the weekend and we will connect with my brother for a true family gathering. Something that hasn't happened for many years. I look forward to this.

I feel my traveling has been about the getting there and back as much as being there. I don't know that I'm cut out to go on so many trips all in a row. I was suppose to go to St. Louis for the Weavers' Guild show in Nov. and then onto Poplar Bluff but because of the trip to Dallas combined with all the other travels I had to cancel. I'll miss seeing all the folks I usually have such a good time with but there is next year.

I was awful at taking pictures this year. I have none of my classes or of vendor night or anything of Art and Soul. I know some students took pics and hopefully they will post on their blogs and/or send them on to me so I can post. I will say that classes went well. Wonderful things were created and several people came to show me their finished products. Shibori dyed and painted silk ribbons, wayward thread stoles, and lots of fun hand dyed fabric yoyo's! I regret not having photos. I need someone to remind me. I get so caught up in teaching and seeing what people are doing I literally forget to take any photos.

I did take pictures of my trip to and from Portland on the road. Traveling through Shasta is such a picturesque landscape it's hard not to want to photograph it. Mostly I snapped pictures from my car as I was meandering down the highway.

I had blue skies, sunshine, and perfect weather I as left to drive from my California home to Portland, Oregon.

When I left Portland it was pouring rain. I drove for hours with the windshield wipers steadily beating time and after 300 miles I had to stop. I was tired and needed rest. I slept in that motel for almost ten hours. That's a lot for me but know I needed it. When I awoke early the next day, dawn was just breaking but I knew it would be a nice sunny day to drive home.

As I approached Mount Shasta I was taken with the cloud that shrouded it so I stopped to take some pictures and as I neared it I snapped some more from my car.

Look how the streamline bank of clouds caused these two mountain tops to look doubled.


Blessed damp dense fog
Comforting compress for a
Soul seared by living

© 2009 Forrest Hainline

And when I arrived home that same evening, glad to plant my feet back on familiar soil and have my family around, I was greeted by this sliver of a moon (reminding me of this song) and the colors of a setting sun.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Art & Soul Portland Bound

I'm still not packed. My car is mostly loaded but I still have to pack my garments to sell on vendor day, a few incidentals and I haven't packed my suitcase full of my clothes but I'm tired now so I'll finish in the morning before I take off down the highway.

Here are a few samples of "wayward threads" upscaled, new born garments I'm taking for vendor day.

I'll be back home in a week then I'll be off to Dallas.