Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"wayward threads" the book

Photographer:  Cynthia Shaffer

Just got off the phone with my editor, Tonia Jenny, of my book "wayward threads".  YYEEEEH!!

The final edit has been done and she will spend the day making sure the file size is correct, etc. and then upload to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing where the book will be published and sold on site.

This book was a labor of love and dedication and a long time coming.  I feel excited, nervous, anxious, relieved, all these emotions bundled up together.

So just a little bit more waiting, for the book upload to be approved and then I can order proof copies and if everything looks good then it's a wrap and in print!

For my local friends I want to let you know I will be giving a program for the Santa Cruz Textile Arts Guild on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020.  Would love to see you there!

My journey into the fashion world began at an early age from Barbie doll clothes, to sewing my own clothes in high school and college.  I attended fashion college for a couple of years and went on to teach myself how to weave and created cloth and designed garments for handwoven clothing for over 25 years.  I dye painted my threads, fabrics for lining and trim and also dyed scarves in a variety of techniques. After selling my loom almost ten years ago I became interested in restructuring used garments into news ones, upcycling, and that is my current passion, along with dyeing, dye printing, and stitching.

I will be bringing many of my handwoven designs I created over the years to show and tell as well as my current upcycled garments I call ‘wayward threads”.  I want to share my ideas and techniques for designing and redesigning garments!

I have also just finished writing a book on my upcycled designs which should be in print in a few weeks.  I will bring copies of the book to the meeting.  

Book title is 
“wayward threads”:  techniques and ideas for upcycling unloved or discarded garments.”

I will have a new website soon and will announce that when I get it up and running!