Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mother's Day book

I am working on making these little cloth books to sell at the May Day show in Santa Cruz on May 6th. I just got these scanned and they don't have the eyelets put in yet but wanted to show them. I'll post more later as I've also done Grandmother books.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Yesterday I took a SoulCollage® workshop with Ria Viramontes and Rooni Bissonette . You can read more about this process at Seena Frost's website
I had a lot of fun making the cards and find myself wanting to cut and paste this morning but I need to go to my studio and dye scarves and finish some fabric collages I'm making for an upcoming May Day show and to send to galleries to restock. Here are the cards I made yesterday:

(To answer Joannes' question she asked in the Comments)

The cards are to be part of a Tarot like deck. It was interesting because most people only made two or three cards and one person didn't make any but spent a lot of time diligently reviewing images and cutting. I made six cards but didn't stop to "plan" what the cards were to be about. I need to visit with them to discover what they mean to me and which suit they belong in. I need to buy the book to help myself with this part or take a continuing workshop for that but to be honest I just had plain fun and creative juices flowing in creating the cards!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kauai Wrap-up

I have a need to make an explanation since you all are asking for photos of finished projects from the retreat. Well it seems that DJ and I were over zealous in what we presented to the group. It was a lot, maybe too much! Joanne and Kate came the closest (I think) to getting the book finished.

The first day of dyeing I realized somewhere around 5:00 pm that I had put way too much fabric in the packets. I left around 6:30 and there were still some who were busily working. I went and took a hot bath and relaxed a bit and then walked back after dark and there were STILL some frantically dyeing in the dark, not even seeing what colors they had chosen! I have labeled those people "dyemongers"!

The second day we were (I participated too) a bit nervous thinking DJ could actually teach us to paint. It was intense but we all were amazed at what we could do. WOW, did I paint that?? But most of us got a couple of paintings done for the book. We didn't get further since we were so immersed in the paint.

The third day was the booking making day. I was busy getting lunch and cleaning up a bit I didn't work on making a book. It seems most people got the structure put together and began choosing what they wanted to go together for their books and cover.

The last day was a half day and we had intended to go on a field trip but those who showed up wanted to continue working on the book.

I too am anxious to see the results when they get finished or even the pages as they get done! If and when I accomplish putting one together is yet to be seen. I have some "wayward threads" orders to fill and then make inventory for a May show coming up and restocking the galleries.

Here's one of the paintings I created

This is the picture I painted that I'm holding above up close.

This is my other picture I painted of an Island Girl. I think I need to work on the face a bit but not having painted before with this medium I'm afraid to add more paint in case I mess it up.

Friday, April 13, 2007

There's always tomorrow .........

I have been meaning to write something here about the retreat but I'm still recuperating and catching up.

I got back late Tuesday night, had my writing class on Wed. that I was suppose to do homework for so got up early that morning to do just what I tell my kid's not to do (wait till the last minute to do their homework) and then grocery shopped and came home and took a nap. Yesterday I hauled my luggage up to my studio and then I had to take my son to volleyball and other errands. Today I am still in my jammies, my suitcases are still unpacked (but at least out of site as long as I don't go up to my studio) and I have to go to Santa Cruz and take my mother-n-law shopping. Sigh, there's always tomorrow. Oh and will I get to publishing something on my blog? Again, there's always tomorrow.

P.S. The retreat was fabulous! I met some amazingly talented women and tTHEY have written at their blogsites about it so see my links and visit them - Connie Williams and Joanne Huffman.

Here are a few pics.

Me with the iron and my sister Jan

Instruction book created by DJ and bound with a lei my friend Missy made . These were placed at each attendees workspace.

Dyemongers at work!