Friday, April 13, 2007

There's always tomorrow .........

I have been meaning to write something here about the retreat but I'm still recuperating and catching up.

I got back late Tuesday night, had my writing class on Wed. that I was suppose to do homework for so got up early that morning to do just what I tell my kid's not to do (wait till the last minute to do their homework) and then grocery shopped and came home and took a nap. Yesterday I hauled my luggage up to my studio and then I had to take my son to volleyball and other errands. Today I am still in my jammies, my suitcases are still unpacked (but at least out of site as long as I don't go up to my studio) and I have to go to Santa Cruz and take my mother-n-law shopping. Sigh, there's always tomorrow. Oh and will I get to publishing something on my blog? Again, there's always tomorrow.

P.S. The retreat was fabulous! I met some amazingly talented women and tTHEY have written at their blogsites about it so see my links and visit them - Connie Williams and Joanne Huffman.

Here are a few pics.

Me with the iron and my sister Jan

Instruction book created by DJ and bound with a lei my friend Missy made . These were placed at each attendees workspace.

Dyemongers at work!

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Anonymous said...

loved the pictures. I'm looking forward to reading what you post about the workshop. You're probably too modest to tell everyone what a great job you did organizing, teaching and making us feel artistic and talented.