Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Workspace Today

I've been getting things ready to take to Portland to teach at Art and Soul next week.  Rusty metal, flowers, leaves for botanical dye printing.  These are the types of botanicals we'll be using.  I have my sister to gather for me in Oregon so I don't transport these over the borderline.  It's always best to use local botanicals.

Gathered laces, trims, and dyed silk.

Dyeing velvet

Monday, February 9, 2015

And it's already February

Last post Dec. 1, 2014 and now it's already February.  A lot has happened since that post.

Sharon's workshop happened and it was wonderful.  My sister Jan drove down from Oregon with Roxanne and took the workshop which was a pleasant surprise.  My hubby cooked us fabulous dinners and we worked non stop creating lots of dyed fabrics!

I had a birthday and was thrown a party on New Year's eve for that and had big fun!  Dinner, dancing and cake!

I've been to Tucson and back.  Taught two classes at Art Retreat in the Desert and loved all my students and Barb Solemn and her family staff that puts this on.  I wasn't very good at taking photos and the few I did take seem to have disappeared?  Hmm, curious.

Sadly I had to cancel the Kauai retreat as I had only one sign up.  I really wanted to host this but many of the people who encouraged me to put it together ended up not being able to come for various reasons.  Perhaps it will happen in the future, time will tell.

I know I'm rushing here with a list of "done" but I don't know how else to catch up.

I'm teaching a class on Feb. 22 at A Work of Heart in San Jose where we will botanical and rust dye fabrics and paper.  I'm planning to travel to Portland, Or. to teach the same techniques at Art & Soul in March.  There are still openings in both these classes.   If you're interested click the link to take you to the appropriate website.

In April I am going to have a booth space at Remnants of the Past.  This is the first show of this type I  will participate in.  I have a good feeling about it.  I'll be selling my upcycled clothing, dyed scarves and ribbon, vintage linens and trims, some vintage clothing and wearables such as gloves, hankies, etc.  The show is in Pleasanton, CA. Friday April 24 and Saturday 25.

Yesterday when I arrived home from Tucson the wind was howling and rain was pouring so I wasn't able to unload my car until today.  After doing that I felt creative and started pinning doilies on a couple of garments before I even unpacked all the stuff from the car that got piled up.  You can imagine what the studio looks like?  Well I'm not showing pics of that.  lol!

I will show pics of the garments that I worked on.  Remember this is the start, everything is pinned and subject to change.

It's nearing the end of the day so I need to go shut down the studio and turn off the lights.  I'll start again tomorrow and maybe, just maybe I'll get things put away first.