Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Workspace Today

I've been getting things ready to take to Portland to teach at Art and Soul next week.  Rusty metal, flowers, leaves for botanical dye printing.  These are the types of botanicals we'll be using.  I have my sister to gather for me in Oregon so I don't transport these over the borderline.  It's always best to use local botanicals.

Gathered laces, trims, and dyed silk.

Dyeing velvet


Joanne Huffman said...

I love these! You know how much I want to come play with you.

Sweetpea said...

gosh, that all looks lovely
but I think I'd be a mite concerned about the agricultural restrictions in regards to bringing any leafage and/or live plant material from CA into OR .... pretty certain that's not legal.
Sorry to be a grinch. Many years spent in the nursery business gave me a new set of eyes.

Sweetpea said...

Thank you for adding the clarification. Resting easier now.

Debbie said...

lovely work, the rusted safety pins are great.

The Creative Beast said...

Love seeing how you gather materials for your workshops...one of these days, I'll join in to play along!