Monday, February 13, 2012

More Beginnings

I've been working on the piece I previously showed of how I start "upcycling" a garment. Here are pictures of where I'm currently at with this piece. The lace skirt tier and the under silk knit piece are sewn on. The vintage lace is only pinned but I like it so will add that. As you can see I hardly used any of the pieces I had originally draped on this shirt top piece when I had it on the dress form. That's how things change when I'm working. Something might look well together but doesn't necessarily work when I actually try to attach it. The fabric type might be wrong or it doesn't drape well or go together.

Next I looked through lace collar pieces and found this that I'll stitch on the garment.

At this point I'm not sure I like the buttons that are on the piece. They are plastic bone looking ones. I am thinking of replacing them with these metallic sheen ceramic ones. Are they too similar? Maybe I need something completely different or I'll decide I like the ones on it. So this piece will hang in sight until I decide.

Here are other pieces that are hung around my studio with items to perhaps redesign the garments with.