Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gone for 12 Days

I'll be traveling to Missouri today to participate in the St. Louis Weavers' Guild annual show and then on to Southern Missouri to visit my folks. My sister will be there too from Ohio. I won't have much access to a computer so probably won't post anything until I return home.

I hope the colorful leaves are still on the trees but I may be too late to view the spectacular array Fall creates in the Ozark foothills.

I'd take a picture to leave you with but my camera is packed and besides the hills have been very hazy lately. Even though I live 500 miles from where the devastating California fires are the air is filled with smoke that has drifted up the coast! Unbelievable!

Monday, October 22, 2007

25th Annual St. Louis Weavers' Guild

I will once again be participating in the St. Louis Weavers' Guild show in November. I have made some incredible friends and acquaintances through this show and always look forward to it. Jane Glidden is the amazing organizer who has many helpers, one of whom is Marti Guntren who sits at her computer and makes a bar coded tag for every single item that it is in the show. These women put in many hours to make this show successful and they do it rather graciously!! The artists who have their wares in this show create fabulous garments, home items, scarves, hats, ornaments, in various fiber mediums: hand woven, hand dyed, felted, etc. I am honored to be part of this group and invite all my friends who live in the area to come!! See the postcard announcement on the right side of this blog where I have links, etc. I have the URL listed but you'll have to copy and paste it to get to the website. If you can't and need more info or directions feel free to email me!

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Material Girl Book

I took a "Material Girl" workshop with Lesley Riley last month and today I finished my book. I may embellish it a bit more but not sure yet.

It was really a fun project and I love the concept. An easy structure using canvas boards and glue. The book folds accordion style so it can be displayed standing open.

The material girl in the organza pocket is a painting I did in DJ Pettit's class at the Kauai retreat back in April.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Home from Art & Soul

I got home from Art & Soul on Sunday night and spent yesterday unpacking and resting. It was a jammed packed, inspiring to the max, and little sleeping week! I saw some old familiar faces and met some new friends who I hope to stay in touch with. The class I taught was awesome and I absolutely loved it. The pictures shown are of my class and the fabrics and ribbons they dyed. It's a lot of pictures but I wanted to show as much as I could.

As for the classes I took I have to say that Michael deMeng's class was fabulous. It was certainly out of my element but I loved the process and the project is very cool. I had to pack my piece in the boxes of teaching supplies I had Fedexed home because it had long, pointy screws on it. I didn't think they'd let me on the plane with it ("It's art, it's a weapon, it's art, it's a weapon, wait! It's two things in one!") and I had more faith in the Fedex guys not crushing it than if I had put it in my checked luggage on the plane. I'll know on Thursday when I expect the shipment. I also enjoyed Diane Downs class, "mini-slide mount book", very fun and she was so nice and generous with her supplies! Sass Colby is a wonderful, inspiring teacher and I would recommend anyone to take a class from her even though I left early to set up for vendor night. I missed a lot because of that but I plan to take another class with her in the future. Misty Mawn's class was different and she was good at showing her techniques and how she painted but I don't think I had much talent for it. Vendor night was a whirlwind and then Sunday morning I had to pack all my stuff up again, tape the crap out of my boxes that were wearing thin and hope everything makes it home okay.