Monday, February 24, 2014

Home from Tucson

I arrived home from Tucson on Feb. 11th and it took me a whole week to find myself.  The trip to doing the Bead Show was long and exhausting.  After I got home I had one night I slept for ten hours.  Really?  Yes, me who only sleeps an average of 6 hours a night.  That's how tired I was.

Once I began to unpack and regather I just did not find time to post here.  I will try to catch up but am now preparing for a trip to Kentucky to teach at Making Ends Meet and then to Missouri to teach at my friend Sharon's studio in Ashland.  I've also been working on some contracted pieces and an article for Belle Armoire magazine.

Here are pics of my little Boutique, meeting up with friends new and old, and the only pic of Tucson Mnts. at twilight.

Look who popped into my boutique and I got to finally meet?  The fabulous Suze Weinberg!

My Tucson friend Alison

Mary Jo modeling

Hanging with friends Pamela, Joanna, and Jane

Lexi's scarf bail

Goodnight Tucson