Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SoCal, Oregon, and home again

I've been quite busy since my last post!  I traveled down to Orange County to attend Create where I took two classes.  Ruth Rae's class was my first one where we got to create our own little poetry dress.

In all my years of sewing I had not free motion stitched before.  I was so happy to learn this technique and found it much easier than I suspected.  Thank you Ruth for sharing this!

My writing on the front was the title of this very cool song by Theresa Andersson I love, especially the YouTube version of her looping everything and recording in what looks like her kitchen!

My second class was Kristen's Robinson's Secret Journal class.  While I still need to add my journaling notes here are a few pics of my book shown with my little dress.

The day I got home from SoCal, a Sunday, I had an old friend from Austin visiting so we took off on Monday to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and spent the day together meeting up with hubby for dinner.

I had Tuesday to unpack and then repack to leave early Wed. morning to fly to Medford, Oregon to visit my sister and brother-in-law.  My husband has gotten his pilot's license and bought a little Cesna that we took the journey in.  An 8 hour car trip became less than 3 hours by air!

This area was beautiful.  I swear everyone has roses blooming and anything else imaginable, it all grows there!

While visiting my sister, Jan, created a garment ala my class I'll be teaching at Art Unraveled.  Because I have a few slightly different version of taking unloved shirts and upcycling them Jan thought it would make sense to name each style so this one is "His Becomes Her". I have a few slots left for the class in Phoenix so if you're interested that a look and hope to see you there!

This is her version which turned out so fabulous!  She named it "Sip of Summer".  If you follow my blog you'll remember that I try to name my garments and always have Jan's help as she's a better namer than I am!