Friday, March 16, 2012

New Zealand

My bags are packed and I'm almost ready. Leaving out of San Francisco for a lengthy flight to Auckland, New Zealand. We leave SFO at 8:00 pm and arrive in Auckland on Sunday morning at 5:00 am. It's 5 hours earlier there the next day. Hhmm. We'll go to our friends house and repack for a few days trip over to Great Barrier Island. The husbands will be out on a sailboat and my girlfriend, Jinn, and I will stay on the island. Then our plans are to play it by ear and travel around the North Island to see the beaches on the far north end and to travel to the center of the island to the Rotorua area. I am not taking my cell phone or my computer. I will take pictures but not sure how often I'll be able to load them while I'm away for three weeks.

Here are some images of garments I've been working on and will finish and list on Etsy when I return.

This garment I have previously blogged about and shown the progression of assembling. I had a dilemma about the buttons and I ended up using these rhinestone ones which were prefect as opposed to the other two original ones I showed you.

Gotta finish getting ready for the trip and am really, really, hoping out flight isn't canceled. It's raining and blowing out there so ......... keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Here it is already into the month of March. Since my last post I had a relapse with my retina. The large hole in my left eye tore again and I had to have more laser on it. It is frustrating and definitely a set back but I have to focus on the fact that my vision was saved and keep thinking of the positive.

I work in my studio when I can, slowly but surely. I was commissioned to make a garter for a wedding but having never made a garter before I wasn't sure about it. Mostly it was how big to make it since this was a surprise gift so I couldn't ask "the bride to be" her thigh size. I think I figured it out, I really hope it fits her, and I enjoyed stitching this up using dyed silks and vintage pieces.

I'm going to be leaving the country on March 16th to visit New Zealand and I am thinking I won't take my computer and make it a real retreat. I will be gone for 3 weeks and know that I could have access to a computer but perhaps it would be good for me to reflect without having the urgency to check email and post at FB and all the other places I visit online. It'a definite thought I'm having and it might also be a test for me to step away for a while?

It's a bit cold and blustery here today but the sun is shining and signs of spring are everywhere as we've had wonderful warm weather for previous weeks. I'm headed to the studio to work on some garments and I'll be back to post before I leave home.

Happy (almost) Spring to all!