Friday, January 10, 2020

A New Year, New Garments and a Book

The most exciting news I have is that my book is in the final stages, really!  Most all the photos are taken by Cynthia Shaffer, the bulk of work is in the hands of my editor, Tonia Jenny, and I am on pins a needles with excitement.  It's been over a year and a half in the works and I know now I will see it in print.  There were moments of doubt, all on my part, but I had a lot of friends championing me along the way and I am truly grateful to them.

The tasks I need to tackle next are to get a website up and promote the book and I need to write an "About Me".  This is a walk in muddy waters that I am putting off.  I know it will get done but now I'm am just inspired and want to work in my studio.

The last couple of weeks I have created a few garments and a few more are ready to be designed and worked on.  I don't know if I will list these in Etsy or just save them for the "live" vendor shows I participate in.  It seems hard to sell clothing online even though I add free shipping and buyers can return items if in condition they were received within a time frame.  I do not pay for return shipping but how much money do you spend to drive around and shop?  Just a thought.

My next event will be teaching at Art & Soul Portland and also vending.  My class titled "Homage to Leaves and Rust" is full but my Dyers' Sample Record Book class still has a few openings.  Both these classes have lots of dye techniques in them, rust dyeing, natural dyes, and botanicals along with some different resist and layering techniques.  Of course there is stitching involved too!  If any of this appeals to you I hope you join me!

I'm off to town now, to the gym, grocery shopping and other errands.  Hope you all are well.  xo