Sunday, September 7, 2014

Going to Europe

In just a few hours my friend Wendy and her husband Steve will be picking me up to head for SFO and off to Paris.  Wendy and I will spend four days in an apartment overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame.  This will be our view.

We'll be able to walk to a lot of places we want to see, Luxembourg Gardens area, The Tuileries Garden (FrenchJardin des Tuileries), a public garden created by Catherine de Medicis as the garden of the Tuileries Palace in 1564, the Musée de l'Orangerie where Claude Monet's water lily paintings are, St. Chapelle for the stained glass and I'm sure we'll visit Berthillon for ice cream too!

After Paris we will fly down to Montpellier and take a taxi over to Sommieres to meet Riki and her friends where we'll stay in a villa for the week, visiting flea markets, walking the town and seeing historical sites.

At weeks end I fly back to Paris to meet my husband Michael and we are off on a journey to Italy.  A few days in Rome, then to Naples and doing a five day walking tour of the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri.

We'll take a train from Naples to Florence for a couple of days and then back to Rome and Home.

It's going to be a long trip for me but a wonderful adventure!  I may not be online much, I'm not taking my computer to haul around and hope I don't regret that or have withdrawals.  I will have my iPhone but not sure how much I'll use it except to take some photos that may not get posted until I return home in Oct.

I didn't expound on my packing experience!  I tried to pare down how much I'm taking but I am an awful packer, of the mind to take more than I need and have it than not.  So it was a challenge but I think I can handle my one suitcase and a small backpack. 

Bonjour and Bongiorno!