Monday, December 1, 2014

Shibori Workshop with Sharon Kilyfoyle

JANUARY 17 & 18, 2015

Last year I had my first opportunity to offer a shibori day at Lorri Scott's studio up on her mountaintop near Los Gatos (Santa Cruz area) CA.  The artists who experimented with shibori that day were so excited they didn't want to leave, so I decided to come back for an encore! You can come for one day or two to explore shibori pattern, color, and design on several types of silk and also some cellulose fabrics (cotton, rayon, etc.) There will be a small indigo vat to experiment with if you wish (weather permitting). My focus will be color, discharge, and overdyeing color upon color, using shibori patterns of arashi and mokume (pole wrapping), ori nui and maki nui (stitching), itajime (fold and clamp), tesuji (rope wrap), finger pleating, and several more. Absolute beginners are welcome, while experienced shibori artists will be encouraged to dye, discharge, and overdye in order to layer color and pattern in sophisticated designs. I am really looking forward to this west coast workshop!

Come for one day or two! Limit 8 participants per day.
Cost $100 per day ($75 studio teaching fee and $25 for materials and dyes, etc.)


Space is limited!  Please email me if you plan to attend

Here's a link to my post from when Sharon was here last year giving a dye workshop.