Monday, November 30, 2015

Selling my AVL Loom

  I have sold my warping reel and the electric bobbin winder but the loom is still for sale.

While trying to sell this loom I got a little nostalgic.

I created handwoven clothing and accessories for over 25 years. I hand painted warps and mostly did plain weave. My first loom was a hand built 48" 4 harmless loom. It was made of oak using plans from a library book by my neighbor Gary and my friend Roger when I lived in Austin.   I know I have pictures of the loom just not loaded on the computer (that means actual photos that were probably printed at Walgreens) or I'd post it. Anyway I used that loom for many years. After I got married in 1985 my mother-in-law was so happy I was a weaver because her mother had been a weaver. Her Mom saved her egg money to buy a loom and have the "rug hut" built onto the farm house in Northern Wisconsin. The loom was a Newcomb loom, very heavy with cast iron and the warp beam had spikes on it to hold the rug. I was given that loom but I wasn't a rug weaver and it wouldn't work for fabric so I sold it. I started looking at different looms so I could "upgrade" and was taken by AVL looms and the fly shuttle. My mother-in-law ended up buying me the loom I wanted (my dream loom!) and I wove lots of yardage on that loom! This is the loom I have for sale and would be so happy if someone were to take it off my hands and use it as lovingly as I did! 

I almost want to weave again and create the clothing I used to weave cloth for and design.  But I know that's unrealistic for many reasons.

Here are some photos of some hand woven garments I created.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Picking Up The Pieces

Here are the highlights of this post:

Please buy my loom!
Send me encouragement to finish projects
Come and help me stitch and sew and bundle

Is that too much to ask?  lol!  Well these are my wishes for today.

I'm starting to create in the studio again, sort of.  I still have not sold my loom and it's taking up the entire top of my work table so I really need to get it out of there!  I am waiting to hear from AVL this week to see if they are willing to buy it back from me.  Of course it will be a hugely reduced price because they will refurbish it and then resell it.  I understand this but if anyone wants to buy this loom in great shape for a fabulously low price please let me know!!!  I have had it listed in area weaving guild newsletters, craigslist, Facebook, etc. No takers.  I loved this loom and worked on it for many years, took good care of it too.  I just know after over 25 years of weaving I'm done.

Once the loom is gone I can have some space back to work.  In the meantime I feel a little scattered.  I dye printed some papers and tags to bundle with the fabrics I have also botanical and dyed printed to sell.  I have all this gathered but am stuck on how to bundle it.  Why? So instead of working to figure it out I go on to the next project ........... 


which is designing upcycled garments.  I have quite a few of these now with fabrics and lace dyed and even pinned onto the garments.  I just need to have a huge sewing day or five.  Anyone want to come work with me?

Seriously see all the pins?  See the garments with ideas pinned but possibilities still in the creating?  Lots of sewing ahead and to any of my friends who want to come to my studio and have a little job working for me a few days we can negotiated cost, etc. Lunch included, maybe some beverages?  If you don't want to sew you could help me make dye print bundles to have for sale!
Contact me!