Friday, October 29, 2010

New Dawn

When I arose this morning and walked into the kitchen to start the coffee I looked out at this view, tiers of clouds in various pink tinged grays and pale blue sky over the Monterey Bay. I stepped outside and took in the view and thought "this is a new dawn". It is a new dawn for me. After traveling so much going here and there, teaching, and vending I realized I needed some down time. Time in my studio to create things I want to and not rushing into the next project to create for an upcoming show.

All day I slowly began reorganizing my studio. My husband and son Tony took my huge AVL loom apart. It was taking up quite a bit of room and since I have not woven anything on it for almost 3 years I decided to store it until I get the urge to weave again, if ever. I do have to consider that after 25 years of weaving and creating handwoven clothing I may be done, I may end up selling the loom in the near future. It's a difficult thing to consider giving up something that has been my livelihood for so many years, a part of who I am, but in essence I have already done that. It's coming to terms with the fact that my focus has changed but not knowing if that is a constant for the future. It's like holding a sentimental artifact dear to your heart, knowing that you've had it in a box for many years and forgotten it. Clearing it out of your life may open up room for something new. Does this make sense to you?

Now I have extra room in the studio which I desperately needed. It feels great to have more open space and room to have easy access to my wall of shelves where I store fabrics, ribbons, buttons, laces and threads. I am clearing the large work table and sorting through the stuff. My goal is to finish over the weekend and by next week I will start anew, just like the new dawn I experienced this very morning.


Joanne Huffman said...

I like the idea of a new dawn in the studio. I'm not ready to take a long hard look at what to give up, but I have moved a few things out of the studio and into nooks in the house, so I may be edging that way. And, like you, I'm very ready to spend some serious studio time. I wish I were closer, I'd love to share some studio time with you.

jackie said...

Best of luck to you as you make these decisions. I know you'll enjoy creating in your roomy studio.

Honey from the Bee said...

Gorgeous photo, Lorri!

I've linked to you in this post and hope you'll have fun answering it!