Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heat Wave and Big Sur

It's still very smoky at my house from the Fire down in Big Sur. We're also having a heat wave. It's hard to keep the house closed up for the smoke when it's this hot. It was 103 degrees here yesterday and we do not have AC. I took myself to Santa Cruz where it was 73, pleasant! I plan to do that again since it's going to be another hot one! And the smoke bothers me.

I think I'm also a little depressed thinking about a part of the country I love being burned - Big Sur. This morning they report that the businesses in Big Sur are saved thus far. But the beautiful, rugged land is scorched. I was just there on June 2nd and here are some pictures I took, now think of it all blackened. The good thing is that the land will renew itself, it will come back.

The Road to Big Sur.

A scenic view of the coast line on the drive down to Big Sur.

This is the view from Nepenthe, I fear this is blackened but I know the business was saved. I had to add the picture with condiments for Joe. LOL!

While having lunch at Nepenthe the local birds like to visit .

I need to be in my studio working but it's really just too hot. It's hard to be creative when you have sweat dripping in your face! So I'll go into Santa Cruz again where it will be cooler.

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Kathy McElroy said...

Gorgeous photo's. What a view.