Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Traveling to Wisconsin


I, my husband, and the two sons will be up early tomorrow to get to the airport to travel to Wisconsin to attend a family reunion.  We are taking my mother-in-law's ashes to scatter on the farm she grew up on.

I won't be taking my computer and doubt there will be cell phone reception so it's very possible I will be without internet connection for 6 days.  Remember when we didn't have this technology?  Have we become addicted to it?  Every morning I check my email, my facebook page, go to my favorite sites and then a few more visits during the day.  My computer is always on.

Now I will be in mid northern Wisconsin where the weather has been in the 70's with a little rain.  Sounds good except I know the farm is on a creek and always has bugs.  The mosquitos are the worst and I am not relishing that part of the trip.

No internet, enough mosquitos to carry me off, sleeping in the bat room, hhmmm sounds like a bad trip only I know how beautiful the farm is, how fun to see all the friends and relative, sit around a camp fire at night, take walks down to the creek, and how great to reminisce about old times.  In the end it's all worth it.

On the flip side I have been very busy with a project I am so excited about, a commission by a friend.  When I return I'll be putting the finishing touches on it and then posting here.  I'll also be getting ready for Art Unraveled!  My fabulous "workshop runway" class and vending.

Hope everyone is having a spectacular summer!


Joanne Huffman said...

As addicted as I am to the internet and FB and my smart phone, I do OK without it when I know I can't connect. If I can connect, I want to; but if I can't connect, I'm OK with that. Just prepare yourself with a lot of stuff to sift through when you get back home.

Chris Flynn said...

Have a wonderful trip Lorri! And how freeing! to be away from electronics. Back to Little House in the Big Woods, Prairie, or Plum Creek! Enjoy!
See you when you get home!
xoxo Chris

pamelahuntington said...

Have a fabulous trip Lorri..the farm looks so wonderful! xoxo