Monday, March 25, 2013

I Lost My "Pages" Header

In case you notice my "pages" header is missing.  I didn't really lose it I inadvertently deleted it.  I can't replace it as blogger says that gadget is already done.  So I'm waiting to get some help in fixing it so my pages are again linked up.  Technology is a wonderful thing right?


Mary Ellen Merrigan said...

Lorri, I share your love/hate relationship with technology. Just when I think I've made progress, something else happens. Many thanks for the fun link to your interview on my blog! Have a great time and good vending in Nashville! I think the hats are especially fun.

Unknown said...

Lorrie, it might a quick to just delete the pages and start over by copying and pasting content from archived pages at the Wayback Machine. Go to and plug in your URL. Good luck!