Monday, March 5, 2007

Altered Book Art ~ The Muses of Greek Mythology

I have been involved in an altered book art round robin with nine other woman who live around the country and even overseas. I was asked and accepted to participate by the curator of this project, Ona/Polyhymnia. We each chose one of the Muses of Greek mythology to represent, then each person started a book with their muse. The way it works is to create a "spread" (two pages next to each other) or more pages in each others book portraying the muse you are representing. I am Terpsichore (rhymes with hickory) the Muse of Dance or sometimes known as "the whirler" (that term may fit me better?). This is my cover page and spread I just finished for Kirry's book. Kirry lives in Australia and is a fabulous artist who was published in the Spring 2006 issue of Quilting Arts! We have an assigned mailing date as a deadline then we send that book on and receive the next one until we've put artwork in each book. The group is getting down to the finish of all the books. Two more to go and then we get our books back with all the muses art work embellishing the pages of each of our books.

I created my pages using Lutradur that I painted, "soldered" and attached images I printed on fabric from my ink jet printer.

"You don't have to have a dancer's body to dance, only a body that dances"

~Lynda Raino~


Anonymous said...

Lorrie, your Terpsichore spread is lovely. I love getting back RRs after all those months when they're out there.

using lutradur said...

I love it! Very creative! That's actually really cool Thanks.

using lutradur