Thursday, January 24, 2008


I awoke this morning to a white world. Snow is rare for this part of the country except we do live in the mountains at about 2500 feet elevation so if it snows we get it. It's coming down in flurries and the prediction is for a big winter storm to hit us tomorrow. We're stocking up on food that can be cooked on a stove top because usually with lots of rain, snow, or high winds the power lines do come down and there goes the lights!

It is the perfect time for me to work on projects in my studio (as long as we have electricity!) I've ordered some new ribbons to experiment dyeing and I'm excited to do that so as soon as my studio is heated up I'm off to work (play?).

I'm planning a trip to the San Francisco International Gift Fair that is held Jan.26 - 29th. Not sure which day I'll go up but lots of ribbon reps will be there and I'm anxious to see what they have.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Cool (should I say "cold"?) photos. The trip to San Francisco sounds great. I bet you see lots of great stuff.