Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Morning Mrs. Loopner .............

Good morning Lisa, Todd and Chas (the Spaz)! Remember this from SNL? The nerds? That's what I've felt like these last few days. I injured my back on Sat. while lifting and setting down the oh so heavy (not) shoe box full of bungie cords. Somehow I twisted wrong and my back went into spasms. I've been gimping around ever since like Mrs. Loopner in her house robe and slippers, except I'm not humming. WAH!

I felt better on Monday and was in my studio indigo dyeing again while wearing a back support with ice on my back. Yesterday I was just sore so I thought a visit to get a massage would help smooth the soreness away. WRONG! It made it worse and I could barely get off the table and drive home. So now I'm debating whether I can make it to my writing class today or not.

I also need to take photos of my indigo dyed items to show you and to put some on sale at Etsy. Hopefully I can do this a little bit later but right now I'm going to go have an Advil moment.

Then should I stock the fridge with Tang and Egg Salad?

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Joanne Huffman said...

I absolutely hate back pain. You have my sympathy. Take care of yourself. And, Tand and egg salad wouldn't hurt - or you could have six packs of beer like the people from Beldar (?) who pretended they were French.