Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hats & Blooms

I guess I lied about posting images of the hat I am making. I was unable to finish it when I discovered I didn't have any brim wire. So I am posting images of some fabulous hats Jennifer just finished. These will be for sale at Art Unraveled on vendor day. The flower pins attached to the hats are samples of the flowers that will be made in the hat making class at AU. Dyed china silk, organza, dupioni, and charmeuse silks using shibori and resist techniques as well as solid dyeing for leaf fabrics will be done in the first 3 hours part of the class. The next full day of class the flowers pins and hats will be constructed. I know that making a hat sounds like a monumental project but believe me this is easy and you only need to have minimal sewing skills! A length of ribbon is sewn in the hat to form a casing that elastic is threaded through to fit around the head and then the brim wire is sewn around the edge of the hat and that's it. The great thing about the hat is that is will be made to fit you!

The hats Jennifer is modeling in these pics are more advanced than the hats we'll be creating in class, there's more stitching on these.


Joanne Huffman said...

I'm in Cape now and went shopping in St Louis yesterday. I wore my hat and got compliments :~)


Connie said...

aren't they beautiful! i wish i could be there to take your class!