Friday, September 25, 2009

wayward threads for Portland

I have been working on reconstructing jackets I've bought at flea markets, yard sales, or eBay, adding dyed fabrics, doilies, and crocheted laces for my "wayward threads" line of clothing and accessories. It's been slow for me since I was having a lot of back pain I didn't know how to deal with or why I was having such severe problems. I finally had some xrays taken and discovered I have a compression fracture of my vertebrae. So know I am working on some solutions and also making an appointment to have another bone density to check for osteoporosis even though my last one was fine. Can't I have my twenty year old body back?

Back to my wares: I don't have as much inventory as I would like to take to Art & Soul and I have very few shibori dyed pieces, or ribbon packets but I couldn't deal with that and my back. I will have what I have this time and have to accept that and be satisfied. (I'm having an advil moment as I type.) Here are some pics of the jackets I have recently completed. Unfortunately these do not show well on the skinny mannequin stand as well as they hang on a real person who is the proper size to fit the jacket. But I'm really happy with these, they're fun, they're funky, and they're wayward!


Joanne Huffman said...

They're all wonderful! I'm sorry to hear about your back. I miss the body I had 30 years ago and I certainly sympathize about Advil moments (for me it's Celebrex).

dejavucreations said...

Good luck getting to/through Portland. Hope your back doesn't bother you too much. Looking forward to coming out and helping you next month!