Thursday, February 3, 2011

Class Opportunities

Registration opens on Feb. 8th for "Create". A new mixed media art venue from the Cloth, Paper, Scissors people to be held in Southern California. I am very excited to be teaching 4 classes in May. Three of them are new and of course my popular ribbon dyeing class is the 4th. I'll be teaching "wayward wrist wraps" which is a nuno felted and embellished bracelet wrap, "wayward blooms" is silk ribbon and fabric dyeing and creating those into wonderful flower adornments, "the perfect cord" a 3 hour class of dyeing silk yarns and ribbons and twisting them into unique and colorful cords, and ribbon dyeing. I hope you can join me.

Other opportunities to take a class from me are "Art Unraveled" in Phoenix, AZ in August

"Art is You" in September in Petaluma, CA

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Jill Berry said...

What I would give to come to one of your classes! You work makes me swoon. Keep it up.

Joanne Huffman said...

Boy am I ready for August in Phoenix!